How to Clean Ski Goggles

Regardless of what type of skier you are or how often you are on the mountain, you need to see clearly. Having clean ski goggles is an essential aspect of this, and every skier needs to know how to keep their lenses clean. 

I’m a seasoned skier with years of experience on the mountain. I’ve used many different ski goggles throughout my on-snow career, and I know through first-hand experience how to keep them clean. 

This post will show you how to clean ski goggles. I’ll explain how you can get this task done quickly and effectively while also pointing out some tips to help you see better while you ski. 

Get out your goggles, and let’s go. 

The Importance of Clean Lenses

There’s an old saying that your eyes are the windows to the world. Well, for us skiers, our goggles are the windows to the winter world we all love. Without goggles, skiing is challenging, especially if there is any severe weather or bright sun. 

Skiing with dirty goggles can have the same challenges as skiing without goggles in the first place. If your lenses are even a little bit dirty, it will affect how much you can see when you ski. If your sight is limited, you risk getting injured or not skiing up to your best abilities. 

That’s why having clean ski goggles is really important. Think of your goggles lenses as the windshield on a car. When the windshield is dirty, driving gets more dangerous and difficult. The same is true when your goggle lenses get dirty. 

How to Clean Ski Goggles

There are a few different ways to clean your goggles, and all of them are pretty straightforward. 

Method 1: Use Your Goggles Bag

Most modern ski goggles come with a bag to hold them when not in use. This bag serves the purpose of protecting the lenses from scratches or other damage, but it’s also designed to be a cleaning rag. 

All you need to clean your goggles is this bag. They are made of a microfiber material that won’t scratch or damage the goggles, and they can help you get both sides of your lenses clean and ready for action. 

To clean ski goggles using a goggles bag, follow these steps: 

  1. Make sure your ski goggles bag is relatively clean. Shake it out to get rid of any dust or debris before cleaning. 
  2. Use the bag to clean your outer goggle lens gently. Make a rubbing motion to polish the lenses effectively. You might have to put more pressure or elbow grease to clean any really difficult spots. 
  3. Clean the inner lens using the same rubbing motion. 
  4. Repeat if necessary. 

That’s all there is to it. If you have ever cleaned eyeglasses or even a window, it’s pretty much the same thing. Just wipe the lenses with the included goggles bag until they are clean. 

Tip #1: Always keep your goggles bag in a pocket in your jacket or pants, so you can access it all day long when you are skiing.

Tip#2: Do not touch the lenses with your fingers when you are cleaning them. This will cause a smudge, and you’ll have to clean them again. 

Method 2: Use a Cleaning Cloth

If you don’t have a goggles bag, you can still get your goggles clean easily. You’ll just want to use a cleaning cloth such as those that come with eyeglasses or are made for computer or television screens. 

To clean your goggles with a cleaning cloth, follow these steps: 

  1. Make sure that the cloth is free of any dirt or debris. Shake it out before cleaning. 
  2. Use a rubbing motion to clean the outer lenses of your goggles. Be sure not to touch the lenses with your bare hands or fingers. 
  3. Use the same motion to clean the inner lens. 
  4. Repeat if necessary. 

These cleaning cloths are typically smaller than a goggle bag, so you’ll want to be extra careful not to touch the lenses. 

Additional Tips and Suggestions

I always suggest using either a goggle bag or a cleaning cloth specially designed to be used on screens. I know some skiers who use microfiber rags, which can also work if you don’t have either of these on hand. 

You never want to use a random rag you have at your house or a paper towel. Both of these can scratch your lenses, causing permanent damage. They aren’t soft enough to effectively buff out the lenses, and when you put pressure on them, it can cause scratching. 

Some people like to use a gentle liquid lens cleaning product when cleaning their goggles. I don’t think this is really necessary, but these are available in the form of a spray you apply to the lenses before wiping them clean. 

If you have snow and ice built up on your goggles, make sure to gently knock it off or let it warm up and melt away before you clean the lenses. If you don’t, this can cause the ice to scratch the lenses when you wipe them clean. 

Using a goggles bag is by far the easiest way to clean your lenses. You can purchase one online or at a ski shop if you don’t have one. I highly recommend that every skier gets a goggles bag to keep them safe and allow for easy cleaning. 

How to Clean Ski Goggle Foam or Sponges

For the exterior or interior foam of your ski goggles, a toothbrush or microfiber will do the trick. Just make sure not to use anything rough and do not touch the lens. This video has more:


You can either use a goggles bag or a cleaning cloth to clean your goggles. Using a goggles bag is the most convenient way to clean them, and this bag can also protect your goggles from damage when not in use. 

Having clean goggles is very important, and it’s worth having a way to clean them with you while skiing so you can see clearly at all times.

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