How Long Should Ski Pants Be?

Ski pants should be long enough to cover the entire ankle area of your ski boot. You don’t want them to be much longer or shorter than this because it can affect how you ski or let snow and cold into your boots. 

I’ve been skiing for most of my life, and I’ve worn many different sizes and styles of pants. I’ve learned through first-hand experience how to find the perfect fit for my ski clothing, and I know how to determine the proper length for pants. 

This post will give you some advice on how long your ski pants should be. Many beginner skiers are curious about this, and my goal is to provide you with some practical tips for finding a pair of ski pants that work best for you. 

Let’s get started.

How Long Your Ski Pants Should Be

Determining the ideal length of your ski pants is pretty straightforward. The general rule of thumb is that you want the bottom of your ski pants to sit just below the ankle of your ski boot when you are standing straight up

You don’t want your pants to be too long because this can get in the way when skiing. If the pants go entirely over your boots, they can reduce your ability to get proper edge control when you want to turn or slow down. This can also damage or ruin the pants. 

If the pants are too short and expose the top part of your ski boot, you risk getting snow and moisture into your boots. That can result in wet and cold feet, which can quickly ruin an otherwise excellent ski day.

Having ski pants that are too long or too short isn’t ideal, but it’s not the end of the world either. If you notice your pants aren’t the right length, you don’t have to stop skiing and change them out. You should just consider a better fit soon.  

What if Your Ski Pants are Too Long? 

Don’t worry if you just tried out the length test I mentioned and realize that your ski pants might be too long. This is a pretty easy thing to fix, and you don’t need to go out and get brand new pants. 

The quickest way to fix the issue is simply rolling up your ski pants. Make a fold or two to shorten the overall length of your pants or until they fall in the sweet spot right below your ankles. 

You might need to roll them up several times over the day, but this can work just fine. 

If you want a more permanent solution that still doesn’t require buying new pants, you can also have the ski pants hemmed. This involves sewing the rolled-up pants in place so that they become shorter.

There are professional sewing services out there that will hem your ski pants for a much more affordable price than buying a new pair. Some laundromats also offer this service. Or maybe your mom or grandma can do it for you.

How to Measure Ski Pants

Another way to measure ski pants to get them to the correct length is to compare them to the length of pants you regularly wear. This isn’t always as precise as deciding the length based on where they sit on your ankles, but it’s still pretty effective. 

Ski pants should be about 4 or 5 inches longer than your regular pants. For example, if you know your pants have a 30-inch inseam, you would want your ski pants to have a 34 or 35-inch inseam. 

This will ensure that the pants are long enough to cover the ski boots without being too long or short. Sometimes the length of ski pants isn’t listed in the technical specs, but the manufacturer should have the information if you reach out and ask. 

If you don’t have tags on your ski pants or regular pants, you can always use a tape measure or other measuring device to figure out their length. Simply measure the pants from the waistline to the bottom of the leg to figure out how long they are.    


Here are a few frequently asked questions about how long ski pants should be. 

How should snow pants fit? 

You don’t want your snow pants to be too long or tight. If they are too long, this can get in the way when you are skiing or doing other activities in the snow. If they are too tight, it will restrict your movement and make it more difficult to ski properly. 

Should ski jacket be tight or loose? 

Like ski pants, the fit of a ski jacket is ultimately left to the skier. You don’t want your jacket to be too tight because this can restrict your movements when skiing. And if it’s too loose, it can let in wind and snow, which will result in you getting cold.


It is important to have properly fitting ski pants, and their length is a big part of this. Ideally, you want your ski pants to sit just below your ankle area without spilling over your ski boots and touching the ground. 

If your ski pants are too long, you can roll them up or have them hemmed. If they are too short, you might need to go out and buy a better pair. You don’t want snow and ice slipping in your boots when you ski! 

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