The 4 Highest Ski Resorts in The World

While skiing itself is great, part of the fun is being high up in the mountains and soaking up the views. The higher you go, the better and more vast the views will get. However, just how high do those ski resorts get?

The answer is unbelievably high. In fact, some even reach a height of over half the size of Mount Everest. That’s some serious altitude.

As you might imagine, those remote resorts provide some of the best and most picturesque skiing on the planet. Without any further ado, let’s look at some of the highest ones in the world.

1. Breckenridge (USA)

The USA is home to several impressive ski areas, but none more than in the state of Colorado. The rocky region is home to several great resorts and sky-high mountains.

One of the largest and most impressive is the Breckenridge Ski Resort. It reaches a height of over 3,900 meters and is perfect for a variety of different skiers, from experts all the way to the backcountry.

Almost 3,000 acres are skiable, so you should never run out of unique places to explore. Some areas are certainly more popular than others, but if you want to go off the beaten path and deal with less traffic, that can often be accommodated there as well.

In addition to simply being tall, this ski resort is one of the most popular in the Western Hemisphere. It has incredible powder, dozens of ski lifts capable of moving thousands of people every hour, and over 150 different runs. The mountain also has five distinct peaks for you to ski.

2. Zermatt (Switzerland)

While Zermatt is a small Swiss town of around 5,000 people, it’s also home to the tallest ski resort in all of Europe.

The mountains at Zermatt reach an incredible height of 3,899 meters. That then combines with the impressive Theodul glacier to create continuous skiing year round.

There are tons of runs for everyone, from new skiers to those who have been skiing all their lives. You can even participate in heli-skiing, if you truly want a unique one in a lifetime experience.

The location in the Swiss Alps means that Zermatt is home to some truly incredible scenery. It’s a popular place for skiers, hikers, and other winter sports enthusiasts from all over the world.

3. Gulmarg (India)

When you think about incredibly high ski resorts, your mind might not immediately go to India. It should. The country is home to Gulmarg, a town and ski resort that sits right beside the Himalayan Mountains.

While the groomed slopes only go as high as 3,000 meters, there’s a lift that will take daring and experienced skiers up to nearly 4,000 meters.

Much of the skiing at this resort is backcountry, so you have the freedom to explore where you want. There’s also the ability to ski with a guide if you want to go off the beaten path but still remain safe.

You’re never short on snow at Gulmarg, either. That’s because nearly 50 feet of snow falls there every single year.

This resort is definitely an experience and not a “quick-fix” destination, but it’s surely one of the most breathtaking and unique resorts on the planet. It is an adventure, and well worth the effort if you’re up for it.

4. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (China)

Located in China, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain ski resort is among the tallest on the planet. At its highest, the resort reaches 4,700 meters and sits at 4,500 meters at its lowest. Slopes reach up to 1,000 meters long and measure 600 meters wide as well.

While the resort isn’t as large or as popular as some of the others on this list, there’s no denying the excitement you’ll experience if you ski this mountain due to the incredible heights.

The scenery is unmatched, as you can see a variety of peaks, lakes, and rivers from your incredible vantage point. The resort is also loved for the pure and natural snow that coats the majestic mountains.

Final Words

These sky-high ski resorts are sure to give you some spectacular views and some incredible snow to ski on. Of course, if you’re scared of heights, you might want to sit these ones out. Either way, there’s no denying the beauty of being up so high.

Do you know of any other incredibly high ski resorts you feel I should have mentioned? If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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