Hestra Heated Gloves Review

This is my review of the Hestra Heated Gloves. In my opinion, they are a well-rounded item that’s tough, durable, and comes with a reliable internal heating element.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this ski glove, who it is best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.

Quick Summary

  • Where to buy: Amazon
  • Best for: Extremely cold environments. Skiers who run cold or have frozen fingers will especially appreciate these.
  • Pros: The gloves fit well and are extremely flexible. The heating element keeps you toasty too. Even when they aren’t on, they offer solid protection and top-level durability.
  • Cons: These gloves don’t quite have the same warmth as similar heated options. They also cost quite a bit, which can be an issue for those on a budget.
  • Alternatives: Black Diamond Guide, Capstone Heated Sensor, Fission SV

It sits out of the way and in the back of the hand.

The Hestra Heated Gloves use rechargeable and replaceable batteries.

The Heated Gloves come with a special three-level heating system. The highest setting gives you plenty of warmth, even on the coldest days.

Why Trust Me

I’ve been hitting the slopes since I was a kid. I enjoy getting out in the snow and have hands-on experience with a wide range of different skiing items. I spent hours researching these gloves, looking at their traits, and seeing how they held up over time.

Detailed Review of Hestra Heated Gloves

Hestra is known for sturdy clothing, and the Heated Gloves are no exception. Extra heating elements are not always easy to incorporate into clothing, especially one that’s going to take a beating on the slopes, but these do a nice job. They are pricey, but those who absolutely need extra protection won’t mind the cost due to their exceptional flexibility, durability, and warmth.

A Toasty Product

Of course, when looking at heated gloves, you first need to analyze their warmth. As you might imagine, this is an area where the items excel. The gloves have a decent shell on their own, and a solid electrical heating system then backs that up. The addition has three different warmth layers, which also greatly increases the versatility and enables you to raise or lower the heat as you need.

The heating system isn’t the best I’ve seen, but it does a nice job. One complaint is that the lowest heating setting is much lower than the middle and high settings. You can easily turn the gloves up, but that will drain the battery much quicker than many would like. I do enjoy that the gloves are still warm without the heating turned on. That’s a nod to their construction, as well as the synthetic insulation, and allows them to be worn even on lighter days.

Strength and Water Resistance

Warmth is one of the Heated Gloves’ best traits, but their strength is not far behind. I especially like the tough water protection, which helps you bring the gloves into just about any environment. They have no issue cleaning off snow from your goggles, car, or lift seat, and can easily be put into tough conditions. That gives them a lot of durability and longevity, two aspects you want when paying more for a premium model.

That durability comes from the supple goat leather palm as well as the waterproof membrane. Both materials are strong enough to not let in moisture but also give you a lot of ventilation. It’s hard to find a warm glove that can do both. No water comes in through the Power Heater as well. These will last for at least a few seasons.

Plenty of Movement

One issue I typically have with heavy or tough gloves is that they tend to sacrifice flexibility for extra warmth. That’s not true with the Hestra Heated Gloves. These have truly impressive dexterity. You’ll have absolutely no issue performing simple tasks like cinching jackets, opening zippers, or putting on your boots. I also love the ability to quickly dig into your pocket without making a big show.

That flexibility holds up over time too, which is incredibly impressive considering the heating element. Where some gloves add on too much bulk for the warmer, here it’s small and tucked out of the way. Even the heating button is hard to notice. Wearing these feels like wearing normal gloves. That’s how it should be.

Additional Features

The Heated Gloves don’t have a ton of extra features beyond the strong heating system. That won’t be a big deal to some people, but others may want a bit more for the premium price. What they do have is a gauntlet cuff and a grommet you can use to clip both gloves together when they aren’t in use. Those aren’t incredibly impressive, but they are nice to have and improve the overall package.

I do appreciate that these gloves utilize a USB charging cord. The feature may be small in the grand scale of things, but it means you’ll be able to charge them up in your car or while you’re out moving around. You can also access the power buttons even when the gloves are tucked inside your sleeves.

Price and Value

There’s no doubt about it, the Hestra Heated Gloves are expensive. Even if you do have a higher budget, it’s always tough to swallow paying this much for gloves when you could put it towards something like a jacket. The extra durability does raise the value up a bit because you’ll own these for quite a long time.

If you need warmth or cannot ski without getting cold fingers, the Heated Gloves are absolutely worth the high investment. However, if you can get away with something cheaper or don’t need extreme heat and water resistance, it’s likely a good idea to go a different route.

What I Like

It should come as no surprise that my favorite part of these gloves is their warmth. The heating system gives you a little bit of everything. Not only does it ensure you never get too cold, it’s also slim and never gets in your way. The tough construction also adds to that, and I love that these work well even when they aren’t turned on. That’s a sign of quality construction.

The Heated Gloves’ durability is another strong point. They actively repel moisture and ensure water never gets into your hands. That then combines with the flexible shell to give you something that, in my opinion, provides the best of both worlds. It’s nice to get extra protection and not lose any dexterity in the process.

What I Dislike

Simply put, I’m not a big fan of the Heated Gloves’ cost. Yes, they can be worth it if you want extra protection, but if you don’t absolutely need the best of the best, it just makes sense to get something more cost effective. The handwear does its job well, but paying such a high price for gloves always rubs me the wrong way.

I also would have liked a few extra features, which is more about the price than anything else. What the Heated Gloves have, including the cinch and grommet, are more than effective. The element is also wonderful. However, for the cost I would have expected a bit more to add to the general versatility.

The Alternatives

As solid as the Hestra Heated Gloves are, you may want something more traditional or more affordable. If either of those are the case, take look at these models:

  • Black Diamond Guide – Though it doesn’t have the Heated Gloves’ flexibility or fit, the Black Diamond Guide (review) is a well-rounded item that also provides plenty of warmth and protection. This option has quick-drying removable liners on top of excellent weather resistance. The materials are tough too. Perfect for those who want a long-lasting model.
  • Capstone Heated Sensor – Another hot and weather-resistant option, the Capstone Heated Sensor is a different way to add extra warmth to your setup. However, they are also expensive and are on the bulky side. With that extra weight, you do get extreme protection and top-of-the-line ventilation.
  • Fission SV – If you want a well-rounded ski glove at a lower price, the Fission SV (review) is a good choice. While not on the same level as the Heated Gloves, the water resistance is solid and the construction is quite durable. There aren’t too many extra features, but the Fission SV is lightweight, easy to pack, and incredibly flexible.

Final Verdict

The Hestra Heated Glove is a bit of a trade off, but the high price can absolutely be a solid investment for anyone who needs some extra protection while they zip down the mountain. It’s hard to justify paying a lot for gloves, but the heating element is reliable and everything works together in the way that it should.

The gloves are also flexible and feature some of the best weather resistance on the market. These are not something that new or casual skiers will likely ever need, but they are definitely something riders with cold hands will definitely appreciate. They also have the durability needed to last quite a while.

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