Can You Hem Ski or Snowboard Pants?

You can hem ski or snowboard pants if you need to shorten them or make them fit better at the waist. If you don’t have experience with a sewing machine, you should take your pants to a professional to get them hemmed. 

I’ve been skiing for decades, and I’ve had many pairs of ski pants over the years. There have been a few times when I needed to get them hemmed, and I have first-hand experience making this happen. 

This post will explain why you might want to hem your ski or snowboard pants. I’ll also give you some ideas of where you can get this done quickly and effectively. 

Let’s get into it.

Hemming Ski or Snowboard Pants

Hemming ski or snowboard pants is possible, and it’s a common fix for damaged pants or those that need to be shortened. It’s a relatively simple process but should be left to a qualified tailor or repair person who knows what they are doing with a sewing machine. 

Some skiers or snowboarders end up with pants that are too long. This can be an issue because the pants can slip over the boots and touch the snow. This can limit your ability to turn or slow down effectively and can also damage the pants. 

Hemming can shorten the overall length of snow pants and is also a solution to repair pants that have been frayed or torn because they were initially too long. Hemming can also bring in the waist to make the pants fit better up top. 

Where to Get Ski or Snowboard Pants Hemmed

Hemming is a pretty easy task for somebody who knows what they are doing with a sewing machine. I don’t recommend hemming your own pants, and I have never tried this myself because I don’t have the skills or expertise.

There are professional tailoring services available that you can take advantage of to get your ski or snowboard pants shortened or fixed up. You can look online in your area to see if a nearby shop has the time to hem your pants. 

Make sure you tell them that you have snow pants because sometimes there is a different sewing process for waterproof materials. You want to make sure that the pants retain their waterproofing capabilities after they get hemmed. 

Some manufacturers offer free repair services on their clothing items. I know that Patagonia does this and have heard that a few other familiar names in the ski and snowboard industry do as well. Contact the manufacturer of your pants to confirm this. 

Another option is to have your pants hemmed by someone you know who has skills with a sewing machine. Maybe your mother or grandmother will be able to do it. It never hurts to ask and might save you some money.   


Here are a few brief answers to some of the most common questions about hemming ski or snowboard pants. 

What do you do if your ski pants are too long? 

If your ski pants are too long, you can either get them hemmed or roll them up. Getting your pants hemmed is a permanent solution that is highly effective in getting the perfect fit. Rolling them up is a temporary solution that can prevent damage. 

Is it okay if ski pants are long? 

The ideal fit for ski pants is having them sit just below the ankles on your ski boots. If they are much longer than this, they can slip over the side of your skis and cause issues such as a loss of control and damage to the pants. 

Are ski pants and snowboard pants the same? 

Technically, yes, ski and snowboard pants are the same. They are both built for the same purpose of keeping out snow, cold, and wind while you are out on the mountain. They might be made by different brands or have different styles, but they have the same function. 


It is possible to get ski or snowboard pants hemmed. This can fix issues with damage or shorten pants that are too long. It’s a relatively easy thing to do, but it should be left to a professional tailor or someone with sewing skills to ensure the pants keep their performance characteristics.

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