How to Hang Skis on the Wall

Hanging skis on the wall is a great way to store them when not in use to keep them out of the way and prevent damage. This also makes for a fun way to display your favorite pairs to keep you in skiing mode all the time. 

I’ve owned dozens of different skis over the years, and I’ve stored them in just about every way you can imagine. I have experience with wall hangers for skis and know how to hang them quickly and effectively.

In this post, I’ll show you how to hang your skis on the wall. I’ll also give you some easy tips for creating a homemade hanger and point you to some quality hangers that you can purchase and attach to the wall. 

Let’s get after it. 

The DIY Method

It isn’t that complicated if you want to build your own wall hanger for skis. You only need a few materials and basic knowledge of tools and carpentry. It’s a fun project that can help with the storage and protection of your skis.

This section will tell you how to approach this do-it-yourself method for making a ski hanger. I’ve built this hanger multiple times, and I keep getting better each time. 

Materials You Need

Here’s a list of materials you’ll need to make a homemade ski hanger: 

  • Length of 1×4 wood board
  • 4-foot length of ½ inch wooden dowel or rod
  • Power drill 
  • Saw
  • Spade drill bit
  • Wood glue
  • Wood screws and/or drywall anchors

Steps to Building a Ski Hanger

Once you have all the materials together, it’s time to get after it. This isn’t a highly complex project. If you have basic experience with power tools and general handiness, you could get it done in an hour or less. 

Here are the steps to follow to build your own ski hanger. 

  1. Cut the length of 1×4 wooden board to your desired length. You’ll want to space your skis about a foot apart from one another. So for a two ski hanger, you’ll need about 2 feet of board, and for 4 skis, you’ll want 4 feet, etc. 
  1. Cut the wooden dowels into 5-inch sections. You’ll need two sections of dowel to hold each pair of skis. So if you are making a 2-ski hanger, you’ll need 4 sections, and for a 4-ski hanger, you’ll need 8 sections. 
  1. Drill pilot holes in the plank to insert the dowels. Use a spade drill bit the same size as the dowel you are using. Space the holes ¾ inch apart for each pair of skis and 1 foot apart from one another. 
  1. Apply wood glue to one end of the dowel and insert each piece into the drilled hole. Complete this for every hole you just made. Let dry for 5-10 minutes.
  1. Now it’s time to hang the hanger. You can either drill right through the wooden plank into the wall or use drywall anchors if you don’t have studs or a secure surface to drill into. Make sure to sink several screws for each 12-inch span of plank. 
  1. Once you have the hanger mounted on the wall, you can place your skis in-between the dowels, and they will hang nicely on the wall. You will want to put the flat section of the skis just before the tips in first, and gravity will do the rest. 

Tips: You can customize this wall hanger as much as you’d like or leave it pretty simple. If you want it to look better inside your home, consider staining the wood to give it a more finished appearance. You can also add stickers or other decorations. 

Purchasing a Wall Hanger 

If building a hanger sounds like a daunting task, or you simply don’t have time to make one, you can always purchase a ski wall hanger. You’ll still need to mount this onto a wall somewhere, but you don’t have to build it yourself. 

This is a simple and affordable ski rack hanger option that I recommend. It’s very easy to install and will let you hold two pairs of skis and poles.

If you are tight on space or want a unique system to keep your skis (or other equipment) organized on the wall, check out this Gravity Grabber. This is a low-profile option that features a cool and innovative design. 

Hanging Vintage Skis

If you have spent any time in a ski lodge, you have most likely seen an old wooden pair of skis hung on the wall somewhere. This is a classic ski decoration that many people love, and it’s pretty easy to complete if you have a pair of vintage skis. 

Some people will just drill right through the skis to hang them on the wall. While that is an easy option, I wouldn’t recommend it because you will damage the skis. Even though they are for looks, I just don’t like it. 

Instead, I suggest using a leather strap to mount the skis on the wall. This method looks old-school and is very easy. 

Simply cut the strap into a few lengths that are just wider than your skis. Place the straps over the skis and sink a screw on either side to effectively hold them in place. You’ll need to anchor them at the front and back, but that’s all there is to it!

Final Thoughts

Hanging your skis up on a wall is a good way to store them and keep them out of the way when not in use. You can either build your own hanger following the steps above or purchase one and mount that to the wall. Either way, you’ll have to job done in no time.

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