5 Great Ski Goggles Brands

Goggles are an essential piece of equipment for every skier, and knowing the good ski goggles brands will help you find an option that works really well. Good goggles will give you stand-out performance, vision, and comfort.

My name is Christine, and I created this blog to provide skiers with a valuable source of information they can use for all things related to the sport. I have experience with many different ski goggles brands and know how they hold up on the mountain. 

This post will highlight some very good ski goggles brands. I’ll tell you why each brand is worth looking into and provide you with some other important information to keep in mind. My goal is to help you make a good purchasing decision. 

Let’s get to it. 

1. Smith

Smith is probably the best ski goggles brand in the industry, and it has a solid reputation for providing skiers with goggles that deliver everything they are looking for. You can’t go wrong with this brand if you want a reliable set of goggles. 

Smith has long been a leader in ski goggles because of the innovative design and technology the company puts into every product it offers. This leads to highly reliable performance you can count on in all sorts of situations on the mountain. 

Another great aspect of Smith is its wide selection of goggles. Whether you want the latest and greatest model featuring the best tech or more budget-friendly options, Smith has you covered with many choices in between as well. 

The Smith I/O is one of the best ski goggles you can find, and these give you exceptional performance and durability. You can also expect quality vision and reliable use out of any Smith goggles you choose. 

I’ve used several Smith goggles over the years and highly recommend them. The brand also makes sunglasses and some other items, but its ski goggles are consistently excellent and worth looking into. 

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2. Oakley

Oakley is another top brand in the ski goggles game, and this brand is well known for combining outstanding performance with great style and innovation. Oakley makes many different eyewear products, but its snow goggles are amazing. 

Oakley goggles provide excellent vision and clarity when you ski. Many of them feature an extremely wide field of view, giving you the ability to see anything and everything that is coming your way on the mountain.  

I also really like how comfortable these goggles are when you wear them with a helmet. They are all easy to adjust and can work with any sized helmet or head. The goggles are also super durable for many seasons of regular use. 

Oakley has an extremely wide selection of ski goggles, and there is something for just about everyone. There aren’t too many budget options here, so be ready to pay a decent amount. But you won’t be disappointed and it’s a solid investment all around. 

The Line Miner series is one of the most popular models that Oakley currently offers, but there are many others to explore as well. The brand also has amazing customer service if you run into any issues with your goggles in the snow. 

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3. Anon

Another solid choice for good ski goggles is Anon.

Burton now owns this brand, but it used to be independent, and the new owner has only improved its goggles. I really like the style and look of all the goggles Anon makes.

Most of Anon ski goggles have a sleek look that isn’t too flashy. But they are all built to give you amazing performance on the slopes, with a wide field of view and excellent UV protection, no matter which model you choose. 

The Toric and Cylindrical lenses that come with several Anon goggle models are outstanding, and provide plenty of clarity to help you see clearly in any type of weather. Many options also come with a bonus lens, which adds value. 

Magna-tech lens change systems allow you to easily switch the lenses to match any weather or lighting conditions you find on the slopes. This is an awesome feature that takes the hassle out of switching lenses. 

Anon goggles are pretty expensive, but that’s really the only downside. They are built to last and this high price is still a good investment. You can expect a set of goggles to last for years of regular use, even if you put them through the ringer.

4. Giro

Giro is another solid all-around ski goggle brand that offers many excellent models. This is a top brand in both quality and style, and I really like the options that I’ve used from them. They are comfortable and ready for action. 

Giro goggles have a bit more of a snug and compact fit than some other brands on the list here, so they can work well for anyone with a smaller head or if you just want smaller goggles for whatever reason. 

But even with a smaller size, they can still work for any type of skier. These goggles fit well with Giro helmets, but they can also work just as well with any other brand of protective headwear. That’s good news because you should always wear a helmet

Giro also has some really affordable models, so this is a good brand to choose if you are on a budget. Not every model they sell is budget-friendly, but even the cheaper options are still very high quality. 

The Contour is one of the top models for Giro, and this one will give you outstanding performance with superior visibility and a solid fit. The Cruz is one of the most affordable options, and it’s still a solid option. 

5. Zeal

Rounding out the list of good ski goggle brands here is Zeal. This is another high-quality option that skiers of all kinds can benefit from on the mountain. Zeal makes excellent eyewear with a focus on clarity and vision. 

Zeal uses some cutting-edge technology to increase the optics of its ski goggles. Observation Deck Tech was created using the same ideas behind air traffic control systems to provide as much clarity as possible. 

Zeal goggles are built to handle many different lighting conditions and will give you reliable vision and comfort along the way. The brand has many different models to choose from and all of them look great. 

Aside from outstanding performance, I really like the look of many Zeal lenses. You can choose whatever lenses that meet your needs, but I like several of the multi-color lens options. Zeal also makes prescription lenses, which is great if you need them. 

Final Thoughts

All of the ski goggles brands on this list make excellent choices for skiers. These are some of the most reliable and durable brands you’ll find on the market, and give you hundreds of different options between them to choose from. 

Have you used ski goggles from the brands mentioned here? Which brand and model did you choose and what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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