Giro Blok Goggle Review

This is my review of the Giro Blok Goggle. In my opinion, it is a no-frills ski goggle that delivers effective performance in a range of different conditions. Simple and sleek, these goggles have a throwback look that’s appealing from a style perspective.

They also provide many characteristics you’d expect from a modern offering. It’s not a high-end goggle built for flawless performance, but it’s an excellent budget pick that gets the job done.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this ski goggle, who it is best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.

Quick Summary

  • Where to buy: Amazon, The House
  • Best for: An affordable option that will meet the basic needs of most skiers. Best for anyone looking for a quality goggle that’s not going to break the bank.
  • Pros: The price is right, and so is the build. For a more budget-focused option, these goggles have a lot to offer. Quality performance with a cool retro style.
  • Cons: Not a high-performance option, and a good step below any top of the line goggle. The size can run a little large, which makes them not ideal for those with a small head or face.
  • Alternatives: Dragon DX3, Giro Semi, Smith I/O Mag

Yes. However, you should always try to match your lenses to the weather you expect on the mountain.

These goggles provide solid clarity and definition in various conditions. Even so, I didn’t notice any difference due to the VIVID lens technology built into them compared to other models.

Yes, but they don’t come with an extra lens. You’ll have to purchase that separately.

Why Trust Me

I’ve skied all over the world and have decades of experience skiing on, testing, and reviewing different skis and skiing equipment. The Giro Blok is not my everyday goggle but I was able to take it out for a few days on the mountain. You will find my detailed review below.

Detailed Review of Giro Blok Goggle

The Giro Blok is a simple-but-solid goggle that delivers great performance at an approachable price point. A simple design doesn’t mean you have to lose out on a ton of extra capabilities. These are not as fog-resistant or as comfortable as some of my favorites, but they are a solid budget option that’s hard to beat for the price.

On-Snow Performance

When breaking down goggles you first need to analyze how they perform on the snow. The Giro Blok will give you quality performance in a range of conditions, from blowing snow and wind to sunny days when you need to cut the brightness. While they don’t reach the highest levels of performance in any one category, they provide average or slightly above average performance across the board.

Even though they are a smaller goggle with a throwback look, the Blok provides an excellent field of vision and does a good job of helping you see everything that comes your way when out on the snow. I did notice a little bit of peripheral vision loss compared to other goggles, but it’s slight and doesn’t take too much away from their across-the-board appeal.

They are also compatible with a range of different helmets, which is a must for any goggle. If you pair them with a Giro helmet, you will get a seamless fit that will be comfortable and effective no matter how hard you ski. These goggles did an adequate job of blocking out wind and snow on bad weather days while providing enough ventilation and glare reduction when the sun’s out.


Another metric that I use to judge ski goggle performance is their ability to provide enough ventilation to reduce fogging and keep the lenses clear no matter how hard you work. I tend to run hot as a skier, and when the sweat starts to build, that typically translates into foggy goggles. I did experience some slight issues with fogged lenses when wearing these goggles, but know that virtually any pair I’ve tried had the same issue.

Several other skiers I know who use these goggles don’t have any of those fogging issues. If you aren’t an overheater, I wouldn’t be too concerned. The lenses do come with an anti-fog coating that helps limit that issue. In addition, in the instances when I started to put out enough heat to fog up, the coating allowed me to easily wipe it away with my base layer. Fog is never ideal, but it’s great when it can be dealt with to some degree.

These goggles also provide a decent amount of ventilation, which acts as another failsafe against fogging issues. It also helps them be comfortable throughout the day. The Blok’s frame features ventilation holes around the lens that provides plenty of airflow and breathability without letting in excess wind or moisture.


The Giro Blok is a comfortable goggle. In my opinion, that’s mainly due to the smaller size. There’s just something about a smaller profile that seems to fit well on my face, and I’ve heard the same thing from other skiers. However, they do tend to run a little bit large. If you have a smaller head or face, they might not be quite as comfortable.

The goggles come with a triple layer of face foam that’s fully designed to enhance comfort and fit. The idea here is that one layer provides a soft meeting ground against your face, the middle layer provides some rigidity to the shape of your face, and the third keeps everything attached to the lenses. That’s an excellent design that provides a solid amount of comfort for all-day skiing and riding.

I haven’t heavily skied with these goggles so I cannot fully attest to their long term durability. I experienced no issues in that regard and would expect them to hold up well over the course of daily wear during a full skiing season. However, they are a cheaper option, you can expect them to not quite last as long as some higher-end models. No goggles are indestructible, but you do get a little more durability out of higher-end options.


I really like the Blok’s goggles. While they have a smaller framed design than some other options, you don’t notice that as the lenses provide an excellent field of view. The lenses also give you reliable UV protection and allow you to see in low light conditions as well. These aren’t the best lenses around, but they more than do an effective job in all sorts of conditions.

The Giro Blok lenses are actually made by the brand Zeiss. Zeiss is well-known for creating some great lenses that meet or exceed industry standards, and it’s no wonder why Giro chose to use their technology within the goggle design. These lenses utilize a cylindrical shape that only curves on one axis. I am more used to goggles that curve both ways, but I adapted to this design pretty quickly and didn’t notice any distortion.

The lenses also feature VIVID lens technology. That build is intended to help you better see contrast and definition in the snow. While I did find these lenses to be pretty good at helping notice different contrasts, I didn’t think they did any better than other lenses I have seen. I don’t know if that’s because I’m used to quality lenses or if the VIVID tech doesn’t quite live up to the hype, but either way, they do a good job of providing clarity when you need it.


The Giro Blok has excellent value due to its approachable price and incredibly reliable performance. Budget goggles often come with the trade-off of decreased performance in some way, but these do not. They are an affordable option that I would highly recommend for that aspect alone. When combined with quality on-snow performance and comfort, they hit all of the necessary marks.

What I Like

The thing I like the most about these goggles is their price. These are some of the most affordable goggles that still deliver above-average performance. High end goggles can easily set you back several hundred dollars, so when I find an option that comes close to matching that performance at about half the price, it’s a win-win for me. That also makes these a good choice for new skiers or anyone looking to save a few bucks.

I also love the Blok’s retro look. It just has a cool visual appeal that makes it stand out when compared to similar options. They are almost a tribute to the old days before high-speed quads and when your skis were more than likely taller than you. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m still a sucker for throwback style. These goggles make me smile from that perspective. The look might not be for everyone, but they are a nice contrast to bigger bug-eyed options out there.

I was also pleased with the lenses. While I did experience a bit of fogging, the anti-fog coating seemed to do its job in limiting build up from happening. The VIVID technology also does a good job of highlighting contrast, and I found that to be beneficial when bouncing around in low light when you really need to see everything that’s coming your way.

What I Don’t Like

While these goggles provide excellent value and look pretty awesome, they have a few aspects I don’t like. I didn’t find them to be excellent at keeping fog away when overheating. I know I just mentioned that I like the anti-fog coating on the lens, but I felt a smaller framer and style increased the possibility of them fogging up. If you don’t overheat when skiing, this probably won’t be an issue, however.

Another small issue I had with these goggles was the buckles on the straps. They were pretty large compared to the rest of the design, which I found to add unnecessary bulk that got in the way when I was trying to adjust them. It’s a small complaint, but something to know about when making your purchase. They also aren’t the best option for anyone with a smaller face or head because they run a little large.


If you’re looking for an alternative option to the Giro Blok goggles, there are plenty out there to explore. Here are a few recommended options that offer similar performance and price:

  • Dragon DX3 – These are another more budget-priced set of ski goggles that give you a wide field of view, good comfort, and quality performance across the board. They don’t look as cool as the Blok, but are affordable and will give you everything you need out of a goggle in a variety of conditions.
  • Giro Semi – Another quality option from Giro, the Semi has a lot of the same attributes as the Blok but comes in a smaller size. They have the cool retro look that I love about the Blok, but are even lighter and have a small profile. That makes them a good choice for lighter weather or if you have a small head or face.
  • Smith I/O Mag – If you’re not on a budget and want a higher-end option that delivers some of the best performance you can find in a ski goggle, the Smith I/O Mag is a great choice. These are some of my favorite goggles currently available.

Final Verdict

The Giro Blok are some of the most affordable decent-quality goggles on the market. They provide plenty of on-snow performance and are comfortable as well. They are also compatible with Giro helmets and other brands. The unique throwback look makes them an awesome option to help you stand out in the snow and see everything that comes your way.

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