FlyLow Baker Bib Review

This is my review of Baker Bib. In my opinion, it is a sturdy ski pant made for cold winter nights and long days out on the mountain. While it’s not the most comfortable bib out there, hardcore skiers will appreciate the extra protection it provides.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this ski bib, who it is best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.

Quick Summary

  • Where to buy: Amazon
  • Best for: Rough weather environments and skiers who need extra protection or warmth around their legs and torso.
  • Pros: This bib is incredibly sturdy. It offers excellent all-weather protection and the tough fabric is able to withstand even the harshest weather. You also get a wide range of pockets, true waterproof material, and incredible insulation.
  • Cons: The feel here is a bit stiff, which impacts the overall comfort. In addition, the plastic suspender clips don’t feel great and the shell fabric could be softer.
  • Alternatives: Gemyse Insulated Bib, Spyder Dare GTX, Arc’teryx Sabre AR

While the bib does sit comfortably on your body, it can run a bit tight in the chest. It’s recommended to get one size up.

The Baker Bib has a zipper on the left side of the pant from the knee all the way up. There are also vents on the lower part of the knee to the inner thigh and outside of the right leg.

No. FlyLow does not make a women’s version of this model. However, some women may be fine with the fit.

The Baker Bib is a warm pant option that will hold up in rougher weather conditions. Even so, you’re going to want to wear extra layers under it for extra insulation.

Why Trust Me

I’ve been hitting the slopes since I was a kid. I enjoy getting out in the snow and have hands-on experience with a wide range of different skiing items. I have spent ample time researching this bib (and bibs like it) and talked to more than a few skiers who have worn it.

Detailed Review of FlyLow Baker Bib

The Baker Bib from FlyLow is, in one word, tough. The company made this for the roughest winters, and it shines in that regard. While the stiffer fabric doesn’t have the most comfortable or flexible feel, it can withstand the elements with ease. These pants are for skiers who need a lot of protection from their shoes all the way through their torso.

Fit and Comfort

If there’s one thing lacking with the Baker Bib, it’s the comfort. I typically expect to lose a little bit of movement when throwing on a sturdy piece of winter clothing, but even so this one misses in a couple of key places. Most notably, it has a looser fit. That’s not going to be a turn off for every skier, but it seems the Baker sits a bit too far off the skin for most riders. Know that you’re still getting something true to size, just maybe not in the way you’d like.

The other aspect I’m not a fan of is the tough material. You undoubtedly get a lot of protection when wearing the Baker Bib, but that extra durability comes at a cost. Everything feels a bit stiff, which is never ideal. In addition, the suspender buckles are extremely noticeable. I would have liked something a bit less intrusive.

Warmth and Ventilation

As this bib has a tough, premium construction, it is also extremely warm. The 3-layer build keeps air in around your body and ensures you stay dry. That’s not to say you can only wear these when the temperature gets low, but you’ll be able to stay cozy on all runs as long as you know how to layer and wear the proper clothing underneath.

Not everyone loves the bib style, but I like how well the Baker Bib keeps your torso warm. That added heat, which you obviously won’t get with more traditional pants, offers a lot of extra wind protection to ensure you never get too chilly.

However, you never want to get too hot. To get around that, the Baker has vents on the inside and outside of the legs. These help regulate temperature, allowing you to open them up if you run hot or sweat too much. I like having two because it will enable you to get singular or cross ventilation based on what you need. You won’t find any mesh backing either, which allows in more air and keeps you cooler for when you’re really sweating.

Powerful Weather Resistance

I highly value weather resistance in ski pants, which goes double for a durable bib like the Baker. Luckily, this model easily lives up to the hype. The sturdy shell is perhaps its best feature, allowing you to move through any environment with ease. This bib isn’t just water-resistant, it’s waterproof in a big, big way.

What sets this model apart when it comes to repelling moisture is the excellent construction. FlyLow uses the best materials and then combines that with a high fit to ensure no unwanted chill or wind gets into the pants. I also love the waterproof zippers, which are yet another step towards ensuring you don’t get any unwanted leakage. I can’t think of one region where they wouldn’t hold up, making them especially useful for the backcountry or deep powder.

A Few Fun Features

Beyond the high-end durability, the reason I like the Baker as a bib is the additional features packed into the design. There are a lot of pockets, which is something I always look for when choosing ski apparel. Being able to store small items, pack some food, or keep your hands protected, is a great advantage. If you need to bring something with you out to the slopes, you’ll be able to do it when wearing these.

You cannot remove the bib component, but that’s a small complaint. There are also wonderful elastic powder cuffs that can easily fit over boot buckles and special fasten buttons that help create a strong, weather resistant shell.

Price and Value

There’s no doubt that the Baker Bib costs a good chunk of money. Even so, you get some of the best high-end weather resistance on the market and extreme materials made to last for years of heavy abuse. There are definitely better deals to find if you’re a more casual skier, but if you’re a serious snow enthusiast who absolutely needs protection, the Baker Bib is worth every penny.

What I Like

With the Baker, FlyLow set out to make a resilient, weather resistance bib. They absolutely succeeded. The durability is by far the best part of this model. It’s not quite invincible, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a shell that can shrug off moisture like this one.

The pockets are also something I appreciate greatly. You never know what you’re going to want to bring with you to the slopes, and being able to have items or snacks on hand is a huge bonus. For me, extra accessories go a long way. The cuffs are nice too.

What I Dislike

I’m not a fan of stiffer fabrics, and that’s a negative of the Baker for me. It doesn’t feel as comfortable as similar pants, which does detract from many of the great features. It’s not a deal breaker, you’re mainly paying for the construction anyway, but I wish it was softer.

Going off of that, the plastic suspender clips are a definite let down. They are noticeable and get in the way more than I would like. It would have been nice to get a tighter fit as well. There’s nothing wrong with loose, but the Baker Bib pushes that a bit too far.

The Alternatives

As great as the Baker is, it’s far from the only ski pant on the market. There are many great choices out there, and they all offer something different. Here are some of the best:

  • Gemyse Insulated Bib – If you’re looking to save some money, this is a great bib. It doesn’t skimp on quality, but still comes in at a low price point. It’s incredibly waterproof, durable, and extremely weather resistance. The adjustable waist creates a good fit. It also comes in three fun colors, which is something I always appreciate.
  • Spyder Dare GTX – This is a more affordable bib that manages to provide you with premium warmth and functionality without breaking the bank. As with the Baker, the Dare GTX has plenty of excellent features, including a warm interior and water-resistant exterior. It might be a bit snug, mainly due to the racer style, but it will hold up for quite a while.
  • Arc’teryx Sabre AR – If you want pants rather than a bib, these are a solid choice. Arc’teryx is a reliable brand, and the Sabre (review) lives up to their name thanks to the premium construction, comfortable fit, and warm fleece lining. The durability is also quite impressive. You’re paying a lot, but you’ll get great results.

Final Verdict

Not everyone likes bibs. However, if you enjoy the pant style the Baker from FlyLow is a solid option. This is not the best choice for people who only ski every once in a while, but the powerful materials and tough fabric makes it a great option for skiers who often find themselves pushing through wind, ice, and sleet.

These have excellent ventilation too. You’re not just getting a cramped, sweaty bib. You’re getting something that allows you to breathe. You definitely want to back the Baker up with some snug layers if you’re going out into freezing cold, but that’s a small price to pay for such a well-rounded model.

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