Can You Ski in a Puffer Jacket?

You can ski in a puffer jacket, and this style of ski jacket can be one of the best choices for severe cold and other harsh winter conditions. Puffer jackets are a little bulkier, but they offer outstanding insulation. 

My name is Christine, and skiing is one of my favorite activities on Earth. I get out in the snow as often as possible and have used many different types of ski jackets over the years, including puffers. I know through first-hand experience how these jackets hold up. 

This post will take a look at if you can ski in a puffer jacket. I’ll provide some information on this type of jacket and why it’s a good choice for skiing in some situations. 

Let’s jump in. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can ski in a puffer jacket, and this is often one of the warmest types of ski jacket you can use. It’s a good choice if you ski in frigid temperatures or just tend to run cold as a skier. 
  • Puffer jackets have extra insulation compared to regular ski jackets. This makes them bulkier but also a lot warmer. The added bulk can limit your mobility, but the added warmth might make it worth it. 
  • Like any other jacket, you always need to ensure that the option you choose is fully wind and waterproof to provide the best possible performance on the mountain. 

Can You Ski in a Puffer Jacket? 

A puffer jacket is a fine choice for a skiing jacket. You can easily ski in this type of jacket, and it’s one of the warmest options out there. Puffers are sometimes worn because of style or looks, but they are also pretty functional too. 

The main benefit of a puffer jacket is that it has extra insulation, so it will keep you warm when the temperatures get really cold on the mountain. The “puff” in a puffer jacket is just extra insulation material on the inside. 

The downside of a puffer is that it can limit your mobility a bit. This usually isn’t a big deal, especially when you want to stay warm, but if you like to do a lot of freestyle tricks or just have a full range of motion, a puffer jacket might not be the best choice. 

I have a really big and warm puffer jacket in my closet that I like to use on the coldest days of the year. Whenever I put this on, I know that my body will be warm and I’ll have a more enjoyable ski day, even if the temperatures are far below zero. 

Puffer Jacket vs Down Jacket

A puffer jacket is not necessarily the same thing as a down jacket. Puffer jackets can be filled with down, which makes them even warmer than a puffer filled with synthetic insulation. 

Typically a down jacket is like a small puffer jacket. It won’t be quite as thick and heavy as a puffer, but it will still provide you a lot of warmth and protection against the cold. Real down made from goose or another bird is the warmest option. 

Synthetic down jackets will be cheaper than goosedown jackets, regardless of if they are a puffer or down style. Natural fibers are always a little bit more expensive, but they also do a better job of keeping you warm. 

When Should You Wear a Puffer Jacket? 

My rule of thumb is that I typically pull out the puffer jacket if the temperature is going to be under 0 F. My regular jacket and layers work just fine for anything warmer than that, but if the forecast calls for subzero temps, I wear my puffer. 

But this is just my rule of thumb, and some people might get colder when the temperature is warmer. If you wear a puffer on 20 F or warmer days, you will probably be too hot. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if you can ski in a puffer jacket. 

Is a puffer jacket good for snow? 

A puffer jacket can be good for snow as long as it is waterproof. Most puffer jackets designed for skiing will be waterproof, but you should always double-check. If the jacket isn’t waterproof, it won’t work as well when it gets wet. 

Can you use any jacket for skiing? 

If the jacket you choose is wind and waterproof, it should work fine for skiing. Many different types of jacket can be used on the mountain, but it needs to be able to keep you dry and protected from the elements. 

Can you ski in a North Face puffer jacket? 

Yes, you can ski in a North Face puffer jacket. This brand is well-known for making equipment that can handle cold weather and snow. Most North Face puffer jackets are waterproof, but always check that this is true before wearing it skiing. 

Final Thoughts

A puffer jacket can be worn when skiing, making it a great choice if you tend to get really cold. Puffers have extra insulation to keep you warm, but this comes with a trade-off in mobility.  

If you are a serious skier, I think it’s a good idea to have a puffer jacket in your closet to use on days when it’s really cold. 

Do you have a puffer jacket? What brand is it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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