Black Diamond Mercury Mitts Review

When skiing on the slopes, a quality pair of mittens is among the most important pieces of gear that you need. They need to keep your hands warm, for potentially hours at a time, in freezing temperatures. In addition to warmth, you also want a pair of mittens or gloves that are durable, as well as being comfortable to wear and move around in.

One of the most popular choices on the market to consider is the Black Diamond Mercury Mitts. Read on to learn more about these mitts and discover whether they are the right choice for you.

Quick Summary

In many cases, these will fit true to size. There is a size chart as well, so you can ensure you find the perfect size. However, there are some who say the mittens run a little small. So if you are between sizes or not sure what to go with, sizing up is usually a good idea.

These mitts feature a variety of different materials. The outer shell is made of a mix of nylon and spandex, with a goat leather palm. The liner is made out of 100% polyester that is incredibly soft to the touch.

While the liner is very soft to the touch and able to keep you warm, they are not compatible with smartphones. If you want to use a touch-screen device, you will need to take the mittens off. Also, while they can be worn without the outer shell, it is generally recommended to also wear the outer shell for best results and durability.

Why Trust Me

I have spent my entire life where winter days can regularly get to -30 degrees, and have participated in a variety of outdoor sports and activities in the winter. I know what is important to have in a pair of gloves or mittens and know the value of having a quality pair that you can rely on.

I have researched many sources across the internet and have collected the thoughts, feelings, and comments relating to those who have worn and used these mittens.

Detailed Review of Black Diamond Mercury Mitts

Superb Warmth

Perhaps the most important factor of the ski glove or mitt you decide to buy is the warmth. They need to be able to keep your hands warm and comfortable for potentially hours at a time. Thankfully, the Black Diamond Mercury Mitts provide enough warmth for even the most frigid temperatures.

They are packed full of soft and comfortable insulation, which make sure they are about as warm a mitten as you can find. While no mitt is warm in every temperature imaginable, these will hold up well even way down sub zero conditions.

Comfort and Dexterity

The comfort of a pair of mittens is another important factor to consider when shopping around for options. These mitts offer a fleece-like softness, and the insulation will ensure your hands stay comfy all day long. They are crafted well and ensure your hand can stay in a comfortable position.

While the mitts are comfortable, the liner inside the mitten can pack down relatively quickly. In addition to impacting comfort and warmth, this packing of the liner can also change how the mitts may fit. When it comes to dexterity, any mitten will struggle a little when compared to a glove.

Also, the existence of a lot of insulation and a focus on warmth can also make these feel quite bulky. A removable split-finger liner helps a little with dexterity, but the mitts still struggle in that department.

Durability and Weather Resistance

You also want a pair of mittens that can offer up some durability. If your mittens are poorly-made or are lacking in durability, they might not hold up well after continued use or frequent falls. The good news is, these mittens are well-made, and feature a strong outer shell and a durable goat-leather palm. Strong kevlar stitching is also used throughout.

This should ensure they last you many ski trips, without being destroyed. While the mittens are water-resistant to a point and should do well with a bit of water here and there, they aren’t the best for environments where the snow is incredibly wet. Also, it is important to remember that the palm isn’t water-proof, so be sure to add some sort of treatment to the leather a couple of times a year.

Value and Extra Features

You also want to ensure the gloves or mittens you buy provide a lot of value. If a mitten is too expensive and doesn’t warrant the cost, the value it provides will generally be lackluster. The good news is that the Black Diamond Mercury Mitts are a very good deal. They are more budget-friendly than many other options, while still offering great warmth and other benefits.

Part of the reason these mittens have such good value is the multitude of different features and functions they have. This includes a removable liner, loops for hanging the mitts, cinch straps to keep the snow out, a nose wipe and several other quality inclusions.

What I Like

There is a lot to like about these mittens. Most notably, is the warmth that these mitts can provide your hands. They will hold up in most temperatures you will find yourself in, thanks to their plentiful insulation and the materials used in both the inside and outside of these mitts.

The fact that these mittens are quite durable is another thing that I like. The outer shell is strong, and everything from the materials to the stitching has been done with quality and durability in mind. While the liner can become packed relatively quickly, the mitts themselves should last you many years if treated properly.

Also, the price of these mittens is another thing to like. They are friendly for nearly any budget, and are one of the better deals on the market. They won’t set you back too much, and perform like a mitten with a much higher cost. You also get many helpful quality of life features and inclusions to make carrying, using and drying the mittens very easy.

What I Dislike

Of course, like almost any pair of gloves or mittens, there are indeed some drawbacks. One of the largest gripes that some people may have is that these mittens struggle when it comes to dexterity. Because of the design and the thick insulation, these mittens can struggle to complete some tasks without first taking them off.

The liner features a split-finger design with an optional index finger slot to assist in this department, but these mittens are still quite bulky for very precise or detailed tasks. Another thing that some people aren’t a fan of is the resistance to water.

While they will perform with a little bit of water, if you are skiing in an area prone to wet conditions and wet snow, these might not hold up. In particular, the leather palm has no water resistance, which can lead to it soaking through to your hand, which can hurt the mittens ability to keep your hands warm.

The Alternatives

While this is a solid choice, it is far from the only option available. Here are a few others you may want to consider.

  • Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Mitten – These mittens offer great water resistance with Gore-Tex, as well as solid warmth with the Gore Warm insert. In addition to that, these are smartphone compatible and offer great levels of breathability. There is also a pocket for a hand warmer, or it can be used for ventilation if you find your hands getting too warm.
  • Carhartt Waterproof Insulated Mitt – This simple and well-made option is incredibly budget friendly and offers a lot of warmth and protection. It is outfitted with a durable shell, has fast-dry technology, a waterproof insert and is made of 100% polyester. These mittens come in a variety of different color choices, as well.
  • RIVMOUNT Winter Ski Gloves – If you still want some warmth, but prefer the dexterity offered by gloves, these are a good choice to consider. They feature an ample amount of insulation, are both wind and waterproof and offer great palm protection for those many falls you may encounter on your skiing journey.

Final Verdict

The Black Diamond Mercury Mitts are a popular and versatile choice for many skiers, snowboarders and other outdoor winter enthusiasts. From their incredible warmth, to their durability, to their many nice features, they are a solid mitten, at a fair price. While they won’t offer a ton of dexterity and could be better in wet conditions, they are among the best mitten choices you can find for your time on the hill.

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