6 Best Women’s Ski Helmets

No matter how experienced you are on a pair of skis, you need to protect yourself out on the slopes. Most ski gear keeps your body shielded from the cold, but a good helmet is essential when it comes to staying safe in accidents.

I’m a very experienced skier, and I’ve used plenty of different helmets over the years. I’ve learned first-hand what makes the best women’s helmets, and I’ve hunted around to share these with my fellow female skiers here.

The Smith Mirage MIPS is my choice for the best women’s ski helmet of the year. This model has an excellent safety rating, thanks to MIPS technology. It also comes at a more affordable price than other comparable options. 

There are a vast number of ski helmets out there to choose from, and I made this post to help female skiers narrow down the search and find an option that works best. I’ll review all of the best models in the sections below. 

Let’s get to it.

Who Should Get This

Every woman who loves going on the slopes needs a helmet. It does not matter if you’re just starting or an advanced veteran; you have to protect your head on any and every run. There is simply no excuse when it comes to your safety.

That being said, the following models are particularly suited for risk-takers. They have advanced durability, which means they can hold up in the harshest climates and the hardest of falls. If you’re someone who likes to push the limits on the mountain, these helmets are your best bet.

While you don’t necessarily need to get a women’s specific ski helmet, the options here are built with female skiers in mind. They have slight differences in fit and style from unisex or men’s choices. However, any helmet is better than none at all.

First things first, safety is more important than looks. A helmet may not always be stylish, but it can very realistically save your life. If you choose a stylish option that comes in many different color options, you should be able to find one that helps you look good on the slopes.

Wearing your hair down is probably the easiest way to wear it underneath a helmet. This limits bulk and will give you a secure fit on all sides. A ponytail is another common way. Just make sure your hair tie is placed outside of the helmet, so it’s not uncomfortable.

Top Picks of Best Women’s Ski Helmets

Here are all of my top picks for the best women’s ski helmets of the season. Each model here will work well for various female skiers, no matter how or where you like to roam.

1. Smith Mirage MIPS

  • Best for: Overall 
  • Key features: Comfortable, lightweight, MIPS technology, adjustable venting, dial fit system
  • Safety: ATSM F 2040/CE EN 1077B
  • Weight: 450 grams (medium)
  • Cost: $$$

The Smith Mirage MIPS is the best overall women’s ski helmet of the season. This is a solid helmet all-around and features the best in safety and comfort. 

It’s built using a lightweight in-mold construction that utilizes two layers of material for excellent protection from impact. This also helps keep the bulk down for a helmet that is easy to wear. MIPS technology increases safety to another level here as well.

Adjustable vents let you customize your airflow to adapt to the conditions or how hard you are skiing. This system is effective and very easy to use. I also like the dial fit system because you can get a secure fit that stays in place very quickly.

The Mirage isn’t my favorite helmet from a style perspective, but all things considered, I think it’s the most well-rounded option currently on the market.

==> You can also get it on Smith Optics or Dick’s or Sun & Ski Sports.

2. Smith Vantage MIPS 

  • Best for: High-End Option 
  • Key features: Aerocore construction, hybrid SL shell, adjustable venting, BOA fit system, MIPS equipped
  • Safety: ASTM F2040/CE EN 1077B/CPSC CE EN 1078
  • Weight: 500 grams
  • Cost: $$$$

If you are looking for high-end performance and features, the Smith Vantage MIPS Women’s ski helmet (review) is a great choice packed with both.

This model uses an innovative Aerocore construction that serves multiple purposes, from increased airflow to reducing bulk. A hybrid SL shell design works with that to provide serious safety and protection from impact. 

The Vantage also has adjustable venting, a BOA fit system, snap-fit earpads, and is MIPS equipped for additional safety. 

This one is expensive but worth the cost if you are looking for a top-of-the-line women’s ski helmet. 

==> You can also get it on Smith Optics or Evo or Backcountry.

3. Giro Ceva MIPS 

  • Best for: Fit
  • Key features: Comfortable, In Form fit system, MIPS equipped, adjustable venting, affordable
  • Safety: CE EN 1077B
  • Weight: Lightweight 
  • Cost: $$

The Giro Ceva MIPS is another solid ski helmet for women that delivers an excellent fit alongside many other desirable attributes. 

This model features an In Form fit system that allows you to get a perfect fit in a matter of seconds. It includes a dial that helps you adjust the hold and the tilt, which is pretty sweet. 

The Ceva also has adjustable venting, MIPS technology for added safety, and is fully compatible with all Giro goggles. 

You don’t get as innovative of construction with this option, but a comfortable fit can outweigh that consideration. 

==> You can also get it on Evo or Moosejaw or Dick’s.

4. Giro Envi MIPS Spherical 

  • Best for: Lightweight 
  • Key features: Very lightweight, comfortable, adjustable venting, MIPS equipped, In Form 2 fit system
  • Safety: CE EN 1077 B
  • Weight: 400 grams
  • Cost: $$$$

The Giro Envi MIPS Spherical is one of the lightest women’s ski helmets around and is perfect for backcountry skiing or anyone who wants a low-profile set up. 

It features MIPS Spherical construction with a somewhat unique design, which helps increase safety in a lightweight package. 

An In Form 2 fit system lets you dial in the perfect fit, so the helmet stays in place no matter how hard you like to ski. 

This is another costly option but has some great features if you can afford it. 

==> You can also get it on Backcountry or Evo or Dick’s.

5. Smith Allure MIPS 

  • Best for: Style
  • Key features: Looks great, comfortable, lightweight, AirEvac venting, self-adjusting fit
  • Safety: ASTM F2040/CE EN 1077B
  • Weight: 350 grams
  • Cost: $$$

If you want a stylish helmet that still delivers excellent features all around, check out the Smith Allure MIPS. 

This women’s ski helmet has a simple but stylish appeal that I really like while also offering the added safety benefit of MIPS technology. 

An AirEvac ventilation system helps warm air escape from your head to reduce fogging, and a self-adjusting fit is easy to use. 

This one doesn’t come with adjustable venting, and there is no dial adjustment for the fit. 

==> You can also get it on Smith Optics or Evo or Christy Sports.

6. Bern Lenox EPS 

  • Best for: Budget Option 
  • Key features: Affordable, comfortable, BOA fit system, replaceable liners
  • Safety: ASTM F2040/EN 1077B
  • Weight: 500 grams
  • Cost: $$

The Bern Lenox EPS is a quality women’s ski helmet that is also very affordable. 

Even though it has a lower price, it still gives you adequate protection from impact, thanks to an EPS/ABS construction.

It also has good ventilation and a BOA fit system to give customized comfort while you ski.

The Lenox isn’t packed with high-end features, and there is no MIPS technology, but the price is right for any skier on a budget.

==> You can also get it on Buckman’s.

How to Choose Women’s Ski Helmets

Here are some critical factors to keep in mind when choosing the best women’s ski helmets. If you want the best of the best, these considerations will guide you in the right direction. 


Above all else, your ski helmet needs to be durable. The entire point of a helmet is protection, and a soft or weak exterior won’t cut it. Always ensure your helmet is made with premium materials and can stand up to the elements. 

Multi-layer protection is vital, and you always want to ensure you’re getting something from a trusted brand. When it comes to accidents, even a small amount of extra strength goes a long way. Pay attention to models that are weatherproof as well.

On that same note, even though you want a strong and durable helmet, there aren’t many models designed to take more than one severe impact. If you see any dents, cracking, or other damage after a crash, it’s time to replace your helmet. 


Though a helmet’s primary function is protection, it also needs to be comfortable. You never want a fit that is too tight, which can cause a lot of discomfort, but you also don’t want something so loose it will cause you pain during a fall. 

Find a helmet that sits well on your head without pinching or leaving room on the sides. In addition, look for extra comfort features like straps or easily adjustable fits. Also, ensure it sits well with goggles or similar accessories.


Adequate airflow is another crucial thing to keep in mind as you decide which helmet is best for you on the mountain. Most ski helmets are very warm, and if you’re skiing hard, they can start to get hot – that’s where ventilation comes in. 

Look for holes in the helmet that increase the airflow across your head. Some models come with adjustable venting, which is a nice feature because it allows you to adjust the airflow based on the conditions or situation you are skiing in. 


It is easy to look at a ski helmet and assume because it only has one function, it only needs to do one thing. However, that could not be further from the truth. 

Pay attention to any extra attributes your helmet might have, such as advanced ventilation, magnetic straps, new technologies, or unique ear pads. Safety should always be priority number one, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the basic package.

Useful Tips & Resources

All of the helmets in this guide are comfortable, as long as you get the right size. As such, it is important to know how to fit a helmet, so you never experience any discomfort while it’s on. A good fit will make the helmet safer and provide more comfort while doing so.

Check out the video below for some good tips on how to get your helmet to fit correctly. Also, remember to not wear your hair up in a bun or any style that gets in the way of how it sits on your head.

Remember that you don’t have to get a women’s specific ski helmet. There are other unisex options out there that works for guys and ladies. However, the women-specific models can have a bit of a better fit for smaller heads.

Once you have your helmet ready to go, it is important to brush up on general safety tips so that you’re always as protected as possible. Skiing can be a dangerous sport, and you always want to limit risks as much as possible so you can stay on the slopes all season long.

Final Verdict

The Smith Mirage MIPS is my pick for the best overall women’s ski helmet. This one is a perfect blend of reliable safety, comfort, and value. It’s made with high-quality materials that will keep you out of harm’s way and is pretty stylish at the same time.

Regardless of who you are or how you like to ski, you need to wear a helmet when flying down the mountain. The helmets found here will provide female skiers with a highly effective way to stay safe and look good this season.

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