5 Best Ski Gloves & Mittens for Women

Skiing is a favorite winter sport for millions of women across the world. However, nothing can ruin a fun day on the hill more than cold fingers and hands. That makes it extremely important to have suitable ski gloves every time you go skiing.

I’ve been skiing for most of my life, and I’ve used dozens of different gloves and mittens over the years. I know what to look for in the best options out there, and I want to share my knowledge and experience with other skiers.

The Black Diamond Women’s Recon is my choice for the best ski gloves and mittens for women this season. This is a well-insulated option with a durable construction that will keep your fingers warm all day long.

There are several other great options for women’s ski gloves and mittens, and I’ll show you all of my favorites in this post. My goal is to help you sift through the endless options and find something that will deliver quality performance to let you ski longer. 

Let’s dive right into it. 

Who Should Get This

As you can imagine, any woman who enjoys skiing needs to have ski gloves or mittens. In addition to keeping you warm, gloves and mittens can also help you get a better grip or help tie your outfit together.

Some may even allow you to use your touchscreen technology without having to take them off. These gloves can also be used for other outdoor sports or activities, from snowboarding to simply going for a walk in the winter. 

If you already have a high-quality pair of gloves or don’t ski as much as you used to, you may not need new ski gloves. And regardless of your ability level or style, a good pair of gloves or mittens is prove priceless in the snow. 

Best Ski Gloves & Mittens for Women: Top Picks

Here are my picks for the best gloves and mittens for women this year. Every model will keep you warm and let you ski as long as you want to. 

1. Black Diamond Women’s Recon

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Warm, comfortable, durable, good dexterity, grippy
  • Style: Gloves
  • Construction: Primaloft insulation/goat leather palm/4-way stretch fabric
  • Cost: $$

The Black Diamond Women’s Recon is my pick for the best overall gloves or mittens for female skiers. 

This is a very comfortable and durable option that features Primaloft insulation to give you lasting warmth and a goat leather palm for added grip. 

4-way stretch fabric provides another layer of flexibility and agility that will let you grab your poles, phone, or lunch. 

These aren’t very stylish, but they deliver effective performance all season long. 

==> You can also get it on Black Diamond Equipment or Moosejaw or LD Mountain Centre.

2. Hestra Heli Women’s 

  • Best for: Mittens
  • Key features: Very warm, comfortable, super durable, handcuffs, velcro closure
  • Style: Mittens 
  • Construction: Hestra Triton/Goat Leather/Qualofill insulation 
  • Cost: $$$

The best women’s ski mittens are the Hestra Heli Women’s (review). These are a super warm and rugged option for serious skiers who don’t want cold hands. 

A goat leather palm provides solid grip and added durability, while Quallofill insulation helps increase warmth. The mittens are pretty flexible and not bulky too. 

Other cool features include snowcuffs to secure the mittens together when not in use and a velcro closure to keep wind and snow away. 

The only real downside with these mittens is that they are expensive. 

==> You can also get it on Evo.

3. MCTi Ski Gloves

  • Best for: Budget Option 
  • Key features: Affordable, drawstring closure, lightweight, insulated 
  • Style: Mittens 
  • Construction: Polyester/3M Thinsulate insulation 
  • Cost: $

If you are looking for a solid budget option, the MCTi Ski Gloves are a good choice. 

These are very affordable while still giving you decent warmth and waterproofing capabilities. The 3M insulation helps lock in body heat, and anti-slip poly leather provides a good grip. 

The gloves also have touch screen fingers, so you can use your phone without taking them off. 

These are not an extremely warm option but can work in average winter conditions.  

4. Snow Deer Heated Mittens 

  • Best for: Heated Option 
  • Key features: Heated, durable, anti-slip palms, velcro wrist, rechargeable
  • Style: Mittens 
  • Construction: Sheep leather/Polyester 
  • Cost: $$$

The Snow Deer Heated Mittens give you electronic warmth that will keep your fingers in good shape even during the worst winter conditions. 

Depending on which of the three heat settings you choose, these will give you anywhere from 3-6 hours of battery-operated heat. 

The mittens also have a durable construction featuring sheep leather and polyester, which will last quite a while. 

Heated mittens are expensive, and these are not a budget option. 

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==> You can also get it on Walmart.

5. Arc’teryx Venta AR  

  • Best for: Lightweight
  • Key features: Lightweight, durable, flexible, versatile, waterproof
  • Style: Gloves
  • Construction: Synthetic/Gore-Tex
  • Cost: $$

The Arc’teryx Venta AR is a great lightweight option that you can use for spring skiing or when you don’t need much insulation. 

These gloves feature a durable synthetic construction that utilizes Gore-Tex to provide outstanding waterproofing. 

They are also very flexible, and you can easily use them for other purposes off of the ski slopes. That versatility makes them a good value. 

This is an uninsulated option, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing them in extremely cold weather situations. 

==> You can get it on Arc’teryx.

How to Choose Women’s Ski Gloves & Mittens

Here are some critical factors to consider when choosing the best women’s ski gloves or mittens. If you want to get a good option that will last and keep you warm, look for models with this advice in mind. 

Gloves or Mittens

The choice between gloves or mittens comes down to personal preference or the conditions you ski in most often. Mittens are usually warmer because your fingers stay together, and this keeps body heat in. Gloves will give you more dexterity and are less bulky. 

I like to have a pair of both gloves and mittens. I use mittens on really chilly days to make sure my hands don’t get cold at all. When it’s warmer, I’ll use gloves because they are lighter weight and easier to manage. 

Warmth and Comfort

Skiing is a winter sport, and as a result, it can be cold. The primary role of ski gloves and mittens is to keep you warm. The gloves you purchase should be thick and well-built enough to keep your hands from getting too cold. 

Also, in addition to warmth, you want to make sure that the ski gloves are comfortable to wear. If you get gloves that are too small, they might cut off your blood flow. And if you get an option that is too big, it can let in wind or snow. 


Gloves and mittens need to be warm and comfortable enough for all-day use, but they also need to allow for good dexterity. Skiing requires having complete control of your hands, and you need the ability to make quick adjustments and movements. 

If your gloves are too bulky, your dexterity might suffer, which can be unsafe. You also might want added movement to be able to access anything in your pockets or even use your phone without taking your gloves off. 

Color and Design

While the function of your ski gloves is essential, so is how they look. You want to wear and purchase things that look good or fit with your existing ski outfit. Be sure that the ski gloves you buy are ones that you will actually enjoy wearing. 

Some options are available in multiple colors, while others are only offered in a single color. Gloves and mittens are a subtle style consideration, but a cool pair will also get interest from other serious skiers. 

Useful Tips & Resources

When you get your pair of high-quality women’s ski gloves or mittens, be sure to care for them. Keep them as dry as possible and keep them in a safe place to ensure they can remain functional for years to come. 

Some great products can be applied to help keep the gloves as waterproof as possible, and this is important if you have natural leather material on them. 

There is also a chance your gloves might get filthy, and you may want to wash them. This guide provides a lot of helpful information on cleaning your ski gloves and keeping them in good condition.

The video below will show you how to wash Gore-Tex gloves or mittens if you choose an option made of that material. 

Final Verdict

The Black Diamond Women’s Recon is my pick as the best women’s ski gloves or mittens this year. This model will have you covered in any sort of situation and offers excellent warmth along with outstanding comfort.

Every skier needs to keep their hands warm when they ski. And getting gloves or mittens that will last for a long time while doing this is important. All of the options you see here will provide you with just that.

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