4 Best Ski Boots for Flat Feet

Having flat feet can be an issue when trying to get suitable footwear, ski boots included. Luckily, some good options out there work well for skiers with flat feet, and you’re in the right place to learn more about them. 

Hi, I’m Christine. I’ve been skiing for most of my life and created this blog to give other skiers who share my passion valuable tips and resources. I’ve researched all of the models on this list and made sure they work well for flat feet. 

The Nordica Sportmachine 100 is my pick for the best ski boots for flat feet. These boots have a wider, high-volume design that will support flatter feet without causing added discomfort. They also have a bunch of other features to help your skiing. 

I’ll provide you with all the best ski boots models for skiers with flat feet in this post. My goal is to take the guesswork out of the equation, so you can spend more time on the snow than shopping for boots. 

Let’s jump in and get rolling. 

Who Should Get This

The boots in this guide are obviously geared towards skiers with flat feet. Each model offers extra support that similar options do not have, making them comfortable to both wear and use. The added room also makes them a solid choice for heavier skiers or those with wide feet.

Though the boots in this guide work well for skiers with flat feet, they are all premium items that work great on the slopes. Rather than being made specifically for flat feet, they have construction that works well with flat feet.

That means these models can work for a range of skiers and are comfort-focused options designed to aid skiers of all ability levels. 

You sure can. While it can be challenging to find boots that fit correctly, being flat-footed shouldn’t keep you from getting out on the mountain. All of the models here are good for people with flat feet.

Yes, but if you want to stay comfortable all day long, take the time to find a pair that works best for you. You can also get special inserts that will help better support flat feet and allow your ski boots to be more comfortable.

It’s normal for feet to hurt in ski boots when first using a new pair or for the first few days of the season. If your boots continue to hurt after using them for over a week, you will need to make adjustments to get a proper fit.

Best Ski Boots for Flat Feet: Top Picks

Here are my picks for the best ski boots for flat feet. Every model you see here has a wider, more supportive design that will help flat-footed skiers stay comfortable on the slopes. 

1. Nordica Sportmachine 100 

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Infrared Fit tech, 3D Performance Fit liner, PrimaLoft insulation, Tri-Force construction, micro-adjust aluminum buckles
  • Flex: 100
  • Last: 102 mm
  • Cost: $$$

The Nordica Sportmachine 100 is the best overall option for skiers with flat feet. These come with a wider last that will keep your flat feet well supported while giving you a stiffer flex for increased performance across the mountain. 

The boots come with Infrared Fit technology that lets you customize the shape of the shell, which is another feature that will help anyone with flatter feet. 

A 3D Performance Fit liner is fully heat-moldable to give you lasting comfort and support for long days on the mountain. This will help your feet stay in good shape, no matter how often you ski. 

Thanks to PrimaLoft insulation, the Sportmachine 100 is also very warm, and the micro-adjust aluminum buckles provide a secure and stable fit. 

These boots don’t have the most durable soles, so you might need to replace them if you walk or hike often. 

2. Salomon QST Access 90

  • Best for: Intermediates
  • Key features: Solid construction, wider last, medium stiffness, custom fit Sport liner, Ski/Walk mode
  • Flex: 90
  • Last: 104 mm
  • Cost: $$$

Intermediate skiers with flat feet will appreciate everything the Salomon QST Access 90 has to offer. 

These boots have a very strong and durable construction with a 90 stiffness rating that is an ideal flex for intermediates looking to push to the next level. 

A wider last of 104 mm makes the boots roomy. Combined with a custom-fit Sport liner, this gives you a good environment for flat feet to thrive. 

The QST Access 90 is on the expensive side, but they are high-quality and another effective option for flat feet.  

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3. Rossignol Evo 70 

  • Best for: Budget Option 
  • Key features: Affordable, comfortable, easy entry, custom T4 liner, micro-adjust buckles
  • Flex: 70
  • Last: 104 mm
  • Cost: $$

The Rossignol Evo 70 is a highly affordable budget ski boot that also works well for flat-footed skiers. 

An easy entry design and wide 104 mm last give your feet plenty of room to spread out and get comfortable. 

The custom T4 liner gives you a great fit and is designed to provide a contoured fit that perfectly matches the shape of your feet. 

This option does have a pretty soft flex, so it is not recommended for advanced skiers. They are comfortable but come with a tradeoff in performance. 

==> You can also get it on Rossignol or Evo or Skis.

4. Lange RX 120

  • Best for: Advanced Skiers
  • Key features: High-performance option, relaxed instep, Dual 3D Pro liner, warm, Dual Core tech, max grip alpine soles
  • Flex: 120
  • Last: 100 mm
  • Cost: $$$

The Lange RX 120 (review) is the best choice for advanced skiers with flat feet. This model has a relaxed instep but still delivers high-performance thanks to a 120 flex rating. 

A Dual-Core 3D Pro Liner gives you customizable comfort by offering two different types of high-density foam for lasting support. 

The shell is made of two kinds of plastic, giving the boots unique flex in various locations to highlight comfort and performance. 

Max grip alpine soles will provide you with added traction if you want to hike or take these into the backcountry. 

A 120 flex is pretty aggressive and might be too much even for intermediate skiers. 

==> You can also get it on Evo or Saint Bernard or SidelineSwap.

Best Ski Boots for Flat Feet: What to Consider

Here are some essential considerations to keep in mind when shopping around for the best ski boots for flat feet. 


First and foremost, your boots need to be comfortable. While extra features are great to have, they don’t mean much if your footwear hurts you every time you put it on. 

Rather than try to force yourself into an uncomfortable pair, get boots with soft lining, plush interiors, and a great fit. Buckles and straps are also nice to have, as they enable you to secure your shoes, so they don’t slip or slide around.


Flex is perhaps the most important thing to consider when picking up a pair of boots. This rating refers to a boot’s stiffness and denotes how much responsiveness or control it will have. The range you pick depends solely on your experience level. 

New skiers should get a flex somewhere in the 70 to 80 range, intermediate skiers want a flex between 80 and 110, while advanced skiers should go from 120 to 150. It all depends on personal preference.


Your boots need to have some inherent durability that lets them stand up to harsh climates or tough, snowy terrain. All skiers, from cross country to alpine to resort, work hard up and down the mountain. 

Get a boot that can shoulder that load without breaking down too quickly. It is best to look for options that combine water-proofing capabilities with a tough outer shell. All of the models here are built with strength and durability in mind. 

Useful Tips & Resources

The above models help skiers with flat feet get a more comfortable ride. Even so, it never hurts to get some extra help in that department. If you want to further mold your boots to your feet, it is best to get a good insole or footbed. 

This article breaks down the different types of footbeds on the market.

Having flat feet limits what you can do not just with skiing but also in other athletic situations. If you want to learn how to strengthen flat feet and improve overall performance, check out the tips in the video below. 

Final Verdict

The Nordica Sportmachine 100 earns my pick for the best ski boots for flat feet. This is a comfortable and effective option that will help your feet stay strong and supported all season long. 

Every model mentioned above is recommended for skiers with flat feet. Don’t let this condition keep you from spending time on the mountain. Get a good pair of boots, and enjoy your winter!

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