5 Best Ski Boot Insoles & Footbeds

The wrong ski boots aren’t just difficult to put on, they can be difficult to wear. Even the right ones that fit can become uncomfortable after just one or two seasons. Good insoles and footbeds fix that problem.

I’m a lifelong skier who knows the importance of good-fitting boots. I’ve struggled with finding a great fit before, and I’ve used many different insoles and footbeds to deal with this issue. I know what to look for in the best products out there. 

The Superfeet Green Insoles is my top pick for the best ski boot insole of the season. These give you a customized fit that can really help you get better comfort and performance when skiing. 

There are a few other high-quality options out there, and I’ll show you all the best insoles and footbeds for ski boots in this post. My goal is to help you find that sweet spot so you can ski all day long without discomfort. 

Let’s get after it. 

Who Should Get This

Anyone who finds their shoes to be uncomfortable can use a good insole. These footbeds provide extra cushion and support for all types of feet, no matter what issues you tend to have. They also help those with flat feet or high arches ski without pain or general discomfort.

Even if you don’t have any foot issues when you ski, a new footbed can significantly enhance your skiing experience. The extra support is something you’ll notice right away. All ski boots come with basic insoles. Do not be afraid to take those out and try a high-quality alternative.

If you have struggled with foot pain or other issues with ski boots, insoles can really help. Technically all ski boots come with some sort of insole, but a customized option can give you better comfort and performance. 

You can put arch support in ski boots. This is made possible by using an insole or footbed that helps to support your feet better than what came with your boots from the manufacturer. These are easy to replace and insert into your boots.

Footbeds are the inside area of the ski boots where your feet actually touch the bottom of the boots. These are removable, meaning you can switch out the footbeds to match your needs and preferences.

Top Ski Boot Insoles Reviewed

Here are my reviews of the best ski boot insoles and footbeds of the year. 

1. Superfeet Green Insoles

  • Best for: Overall 
  • Key features: Excellent arch support, multiple sizes, easy to trim, durable 
  • Materials: Woven polyester, Holofiber, foam
  • Customizable: No
  • Cost: $$$

The Superfeet Green Insoles get my pick for the best overall ski boot insoles or footbeds of the season. 

These are a solid all-around pair that provides excellent arch support that can help you ski longer without discomfort. 

They have a solid construction that is built to last, and they are easy to trim to get a proper fit inside your boots. 

These insoles are a little expensive, but you can’t really put a price on comfort. 

==> You can also get it on Superfeet or TheInsoleStore or Scrip.

2. Walk Hero Insoles 

  • Best for: Flat Feet 
  • Key features: Good for flat feet, lasting comfort, deep heel cup, good shock absorption
  • Materials: EVA foam
  • Customizable: No
  • Cost: $$

These Walk Hero Insoles are an excellent option to explore if you have flat feet. 

They provide lasting comfort that can help you deal with all sorts of issues resulting from poor-fitting ski boots. 

The premium EVA foam material offers a lot of support and comfort, and it’s also designed to be highly durable. I also like the deep heel cup because it helps increase shock absorption for those hard-charging skiers out there. 

I don’t have many negative remarks for these, but be careful when trimming them to avoid damaging the foam. 

==> You can also get it on Walmart.

3. EasyFeet Arch Support Insoles 

  • Best for: High Arches 
  • Key features: High arch support design, premium quality, easy to fit, 1-year guarantee
  • Materials: TPU foam 
  • Customizable: No
  • Cost: $$

The EasyFeet Arch Support Insoles are an excellent option for skiers who have high arches and require extra support. 

They have a premium construction that provides you with a ton of comfort and support. They will also last a long time, making them a good value. 

These insoles can also help with many other conditions other than high arches like flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and pronation. 

The downside here is that they are a bit bulky, so be sure the rest of your boot fit is correct before committing to these.  

==> You can also get it on EasyFeet or Walmart or Bonanza.

4. CURREX EdgePro Insole 

  • Best for: Quality 
  • Key features: Excellent quality, ergonomic heel cup, triple-layered, 3D DAT
  • Materials: Urethane foam, nylon 
  • Customizable: No 
  • Cost: $$$

The CURREX EdgePro Insole is one of the highest-quality options around. These have a lot of solid features that help them stand out. 

You get a very strong and sturdy construction that won’t wear out quickly. The ergonomic heel cup helps increase support and comfort. 

I also like that they have a triple-layered construction because this increases insulation to keep your feet warm while skiing. 

All of this innovation comes with a cost, and these are the most expensive insoles on the list. 

==> You can also get it on TheInsoleStore.

5. Powerstep Pinnacle Wool Insoles 

  • Best for: Budget Pick
  • Key features: Affordable, good support, maximum cushioning, durable 
  • Materials: Wool, Poron, EVA foam 
  • Customizable: No
  • Cost: $$

Any skier on a budget who is struggling with boot fitting issues should check out the Powerstep Pinnacle Wool Insoles. 

These are an affordable option but will still give you plenty of support and comfort, thanks to a quality design that features wool and EVA foam. 

The insoles are comfortable and effective for many foot issues like flat feet or high arches. 

These aren’t the most durable option, and that’s a trade-off you make for saving some money. 

==> You can also get it on PowerStep or TheInsoleStore or Walmart.

How to Choose Ski Boot Insoles or Footbeds

Here is some good information to help you choose a good ski boot insole or footbed. 


No matter how comfortable your insole is, it won’t work if it doesn’t correctly fit inside your shoe. Though you can always trim or cut your insoles (more on that later), you want to ensure the one you get properly sits inside your boot.

Ski boots tend to run small, so you should never get an insole based on your regular shoe size. Also, note that some insoles can be narrow at the heel, so keep that in mind.


No matter where or how you ski, your feet take a lot of force on the mountain. As such, you don’t want a flimsy footbed that will only hold up for one season. You want an item that can take a pounding without losing its comfort.

Also, remember to get a model that works with your feet. For instance, if you have flat feet, you want arch support. Deep heel cups are also great, as they keep your foot in place as you ride.


The mountain is a cold place. It is up to your gear to keep you warm. Like any other piece of your gear, footbeds need to provide insulation. 

That might not seem like a big deal at first, but extra warmth in your soles goes a long way towards being comfortable at the end of a long day.

Pay attention to your insole’s construction. Wool and specific synthetic materials retain heat throughout the day, which is why you should prioritize them when possible.

Useful Tips & Resources

Many footbeds on today’s market can be cut or trimmed to perfectly fit your boot. That increases comfort and creates a snug fit that feels amazing. 

Though you can get that done through professional means, you can also do it yourself if you so desire. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of DIY.

Check out the video below for some info on how to trim up your boot liners for a solid fit. 

Trimmed or not, footbeds are all about comfort. They bring you extra support on the slopes and keep your feet fresh all day long. However, the size and fit of your boot also matter. If you want to know more about proper sizing for your ski footwear, check out this handy guide.

Final Verdict

The Superfeet Green Insoles is my pick for the best overall ski boot insoles and footbeds. These will help you get all the support and comfort you need for a better on-snow experience. 

All of the footbeds and insoles in this list will be an upgrade over what you are currently using. If you struggle with foot pain or other boot issues, these can really help you out.

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  • Capecodbeachskier

    I went with a season long boot lease this year. I say that so you understand the only modifications I want to make to the shell and liner are things I can simple take out at the end of the season. Who knows maybe even use them next year?
    I have a pair of Superfeet from a few years ago. I was surprised when I needed to trim them quite a bit. The fit of my past boots clearly was wider… yet both Dalbellos.
    Because my plantar faciitis is returning this Winter I slipped a softer 1/2 length insert under my Superfeet. Why under? Because I think the heel depth is better on the Superfeet. I have not yet skied on the ‘new’ double insert setup… BUT I wonder if having a double heel height will be a problem? I did use a heel wedge before which I am not using. In dry runs my heel does not seem to lift?
    Should I have considered putting one of the inserts under rather than in the liner?

    • Christine

      Sounds like you have a pretty specific and dialed-in approach to your liners. In my experience, it’s a good idea to work with a ski shop or boot fitter to get things really set up to your liking, especially with issues like PF in play. I’ve never put inserts underneath my liners, and I’d be concerned about them getting wet and such, which might affect performance. Getting the best fit is super personalized, so it’s hard to give you exact advice. I think just experimenting with various setups until you find one that works best is going to meet your needs.