5 Best Ski Goggles for Low Light (Cloudy Conditions)

Not all skiing takes place in pristine conditions, and many people brave the snow at dawn, dusk, or during snowy days. Though you can try to run through such situations with regular goggles, most of them won’t cut it. You need models specifically made for low-light.

I’ve skied in every condition you can imagine throughout my skiing career. I know the value of seeing clearly in low light, and I’ve searched far and wide to find the best goggles to help out with this in mind. 

The Oakley Flight Deck is my pick for the best ski goggles for low light. This is a premium model that has everything you want and need out of high-quality goggles. The wide field of view and easy change lens system will help you see better when the lighting is poor. 

In this post, I’ll provide you with all of the best options for ski goggles that work well in low light. Every model here has a lens with a higher VLT or is available with that option to let in extra light and help you remain aware. 

Let’s stop squinting and get started. 

Who Should Get This

Any skier who spends their time zipping around in low-light conditions can appreciate the goggles listed in this guide. That includes night skiers, those who ski in the evening, and skiers who go out in the early morning. 

Those times can be tough to see in, so it is nice to have a bit of extra help to cut through the light. If you are a powder chaser, these goggles can also help you see clearly when the snow really starts to fall. 

In addition, low-light ski goggles are perfect for particularly snowy or foggy conditions. A little bit of weather should never keep you off the mountain, but in order to brave it, you need the proper gear. That is where this type of eyewear comes in handy.

Best Low Light Ski Goggles: Top Picks

Here are all of my top picks for the best ski goggles for low light. All of the options you see reviewed here will let in extra light to help you stay alert of your surroundings when the lighting is poor. 

1. Oakley Flight Deck

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Excellent construction, rimless lens, effective anti-fog, high VLT lens options
  • Lenses: Prizm, HDO Tech
  • Ventilation: Dual Vented Lenses
  • Cost: $$$

The Oakley Flight Deck (review) is one of the best ski goggles you can find for any purpose, but when you choose their high VLT lenses, you’ll be able to see clearly in low light. 

This model also has a rimless lens design that increases your field of view so you can see from wall to wall no matter what the lighting is. 

Other great features include Prizm lenses with an effective F3 anti-fog coating, HDO lens tech that helps increase how well you see contrast, and vented lenses for added airflow. 

This is a pretty expensive option, but definitely worth it. 

==> You can also get it on Oakley or Evo or Backcountry.

2. Zeal Optics Lookout 

  • Best for: Lenses 
  • Key features: High tech lenses, Everclear anti-fog, high VLT, rimless frame 
  • Lenses: Optimum Tech, Polarized 
  • Ventilation: Top and Bottom Chanell Vents
  • Cost: $$$

The Zeal Optics Lookout is another solid option for low-light situations, and this model has some of the best quality lenses you can find. 

You get Optimum Lens technology that includes a high VLT, Everclear anti-fog treatment, and a permashield hardcoat layer that makes them exceptionally durable. 

The goggles also come with good airflow thanks to top and bottom channel vents and a triple-layer face foam that makes them very comfortable to wear. 

The nose bridge can be a little awkward because of a square design, but that’s a minor complaint.   

==> You can also get it on Zeal Optics or Evo or Backcountry.

3. Juli Ski 

  • Best for: Budget Option 
  • Key features: Affordable, high VLT lens option, anti-fog treatment, OTG, TPU frame
  • Lenses: Dual-Layer Anti-Fog
  • Ventilation: Channel Vents
  • Cost: $ 

If you are looking for a solid low light option that doesn’t cost a lot, be sure to check out the Juli Ski. 

This is a very affordable pair of goggles with a lens option that features a high VLT of 85% for very effective visibility in low light situations. 

The goggles also have a pretty durable construction for a budget option, with a TPU frame that can take a beating and hold up strong. 

The lenses aren’t the most scratch-resistant, so you’ll want to be careful to keep them in good shape. 

4. Bollé Freeze 

  • Best for: Night Skiing 
  • Key features: Clear lenses, durable, comfortable, affordable 
  • Lenses: Clear with Anti-Fog
  • Ventilation: Channel 
  • Cost: $

The Bollé Freeze is an excellent goggle for night skiing, thanks to a clear lens that will let every ray of light come through clearly. 

These goggles are also very affordable, so you can buy this one just in case you get into a night skiing adventure during the ski season. 

A P80+ coating makes the lenses very resistant to scratching and also gives them solid anti-fog capabilities. 

These can have somewhat of a tight fit, so they might not work for anyone with a larger face. 

==> You can also get it on Sport Eyes or DICK’S or Mountain Equipment Coop.

5. Julbo Aerospace

  • Best for: Fit
  • Key features: Minimalist anatomic frame, good ventilation, photochromic lens
  • Lenses: REACTIV Photochromic 
  • Ventilation: SuperFlow System 
  • Cost: $$$$

The Julbo Aerospace has a comfortable fit, alongside effective low light performance made possible by a REACTIV photochromic double lens. 

These also come with a SuperFlow ventilation system that is highly effective and allows you to open up the front slightly for added airflow. 

Other features include a dual-layer of soft face foam to increase comfort and a highly effective anti-fog coating that keeps the lenses free of moisture for reliable low light visibility. 

How to Choose Best Ski Goggles for Low Light

This section will highlight some important things to consider when choosing the best ski goggles for low light. 

Visible Light Transmission

VLT, also known as Visible Light Transmission, is perhaps the most crucial aspect to pay attention to when picking out a pair of low-light goggles. The term refers to how much light the lens lets through to your eyes. 

Goggles with high VLT have a lighter tint that allows light through, while lower VLT eyewear is dark and blocks the sun. For low-light conditions, you want a higher VLT to let in more light. That allows you to see better when there isn’t as much sunlight.

All goggles seen here have lenses available with a high VLT to ensure that they will work well in low-light conditions. You want to be able to catch every ray of light possible to help you see clearly. 


There are many different reasons to ski in low-light conditions, but almost all of them are rougher than a peaceful day on the mountain. As such, you need goggles that can stand up to bumps, falls, snow, wind, and water. 

Always try to find a trusted brand, as well as premium construction that will last you year after year. Look for strong lenses, reliable frames, as well as any special anti-fog treatments. Durable goggles will last for years of dependable use. 


When it comes to low-light conditions, visibility is vital. As important as VLT and field of view are, you also need to ensure your goggles won’t fog up at the wrong time. It is essential to purchase ski goggles with good ventilation. 

Choose eyewear that quickly takes away moisture in a way that prevents your goggles from fogging up on extremely cold days or during tough runs. You want a system that will hold up well in the places you like to ski.

Useful Tips & Resources

Skiing in low light can be challenging, even for experienced skiers. You always want to make sure you stay aware of your surroundings because one wrong move can lead to a bad fall or injury.

Having goggles, or at least lenses, that provide you with a way to see better in low-light will pay off. Even if you don’t use these goggles more than a few times a year, every serious skier knows they will come in useful on days when the snow is good, but the lighting is bad. 

Other conditions can make your skiing experience more difficult, and it’s always good to be prepared for just about anything. Check out the video below for some practical tips on staying stoked even when conditions aren’t ideal. 

Final Verdict

The Oakley Flight Deck is my pick for the best ski goggles for low light this season. This is a great model in many ways, and skiers will get more than just great visibility in low light when wearing these. 

Every model that you see here will provide you with added visibility when lighting conditions are not ideal. If you want to stay prepared and ready for action, get your hands one of the best low light ski goggles.

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