5 Best Kids Ski Bindings

It’s never too early to get on the snow. The sooner kids learn how to ski, the more time they’ll have to develop a lifelong passion for the sport. You’ll need to get them equipped with quality gear to help make this happen. 

I’ve been skiing since I was three years old, and I started this blog to share my love of the sport with other skiers of all kinds. I’ve learned a lot about equipment over the years, and I know what to look for with the best ski bindings for kids in mind. 

The Look NX Jr. 7 is my pick for the best ski bindings for kids. This quality option has a DIN setting perfect for kids who are just starting to learn the basics. It will help them grow and develop while offering reliable safety and performance along the way.

There are a few other solid options for kid’s bindings out there, and I’ll show you all of the best models in this post. Whether your child is a little experienced or just learning the pizza wedge, these bindings are recommended. 

Let’s get those little ones started. 

Who Should Get This

Kids bindings are for kids. They are built with much lower DIN settings than typical bindings made for adults. A special type of binding is needed to provide kids with safety and performance to help them learn how to ski. 

The options listed here all make for great first setups for children who are just learning how to ski and those with a bit of experience as well. If you are a parent looking for something to pair with the first set of skis, all the models here will accomplish just that. 

These bindings will work for kids anywhere in the 2-10 age range. Once a child gets over about 90-100 lbs, you’ll probably want to upgrade to an option that has a higher DIN setting. 

Best Ski Bindings for Kids: Top Picks

Here are my picks for the best kids’ ski bindings. Each option you see below is built with the needs of little skiers in mind and comes with quality construction and reliable performance. 

1. Look NX Jr. 7

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key features: Reliable performance, good DIN range for kids, multi-directional release, easy step-in/out design
  • DIN Range: 2-7
  • Weight: 765 grams
  • Cost: $$

The Look NX Jr. 7 is the best binding for kids currently available. This is a Junior version of one of the best adult bindings and offers a lot of excellent safety and performance traits. 

A DIN range of 2-7 is perfect for kids who are just learning the basics, and it can also be cranked up to the high end once they are ready to tackle more challenging terrain and conditions. 

The multi-directional toe piece is an excellent feature that helps limit the chance of injury and provides 45 mm of lateral elasticity for extra protection. 

The NX Jr. 7 is just a little bulky, but that’s really its only downside. 

==> You can also get it on Evo.

2. Marker 4.5 Junior 

  • Best for: Little Kids
  • Key features: Low-end DIN range, Biotech toe, AFD gliding plate, ice scraper bar
  • DIN Range: .75-4.5
  • Weight: 568 grams
  • Cost: $$

For tiny kids who are just getting started with skiing, the Marker 4.5 Junior is a highly recommended option. 

This model is perfect for tiny ones because it has a very low-end DIN setting of .75, which is about as low as you can find. 

The bindings also come with an AFD gliding plate and ice scraper bar that helps keep snow from building up, making it easy to step into and out of. 

The 4.5 Junior is not a great option for larger, heavier kids because of the low DIN.  

==> You can also get it on Evo or Jans or Christy Sports.

3. Salomon C5 GW Kids

  • Best for: Safety
  • Key features: Reliable release, low DIN settings, 2-year warranty, automatic wing adjustment
  • DIN Range: .75-4.5
  • Weight: 561 grams
  • Cost: $$

The Salomon C5 GW Kids is a safe and effective ski binding for kids. This is another option with a very low release point, and that’s a great feature with safety in mind. 

The bindings also have an automatic wing adjustment that provides similar performance levels, no matter what size of boot is used. 

A snow scraper is built onto the bindings to let kids clear their boots of snow and ice for easy step-in with the bindings. 

This isn’t a great option for kids with better abilities in the snow but is suitable for beginners. 

4. Salomon L7

  • Best for: Intermediates
  • Key features: Reliable performance, quality construction, 2-year warranty, automatic wing adjustment
  • DIN Range: 2-7.5
  • Weight: 861
  • Cost: $$

Kids who have a bit of experience on the mountain will appreciate everything the Salomon L7 has to offer. 

These bindings have a higher DIN range of 2.5-7, making them a solid option for intermediate skiers who need a little extra hold as they bounce around the slopes. 

An automatic wing adjustment makes the bindings compatible with a wide range of boots sizes, and quality construction leads to lasting durability. 

This is the most expensive option on the list, but they are still pretty affordable. 

==> You can also get it on Salomon or Evo or Christy Sports.

5. Tyrolia SX 4.5 AC 

  • Best for: The Money
  • Key features: Affordable, full diagonal toe, ABS system, anti-friction slider
  • DIN Range: .75-4.5
  • Weight: Not listed
  • Cost: $

The Tyrolia SX 4.5 AC is an affordable ski binding for kids while still delivering plenty of performance and other awesome features. 

This is a super durable and very safe option with a DIN range of .75-4.5, making it perfect for younger kids. 

A full diagonal toe piece delivers 180-degrees of release, which will keep children safe if they take a bad wipeout. 

Larger kids can quickly outgrow this option, but it’s a solid choice for kids under 75 pounds. 

==> You can also get it on Utah Ski Gear or SidelineSwap.

How to Choose Ski Bindings for Kids

There are some essential things to keep in mind when looking for ski bindings for kids. All of the factors below are good to know to get the best option for your children. 

DIN Settings

One of the most important things to keep in mind with any style of ski binding is the DIN setting range. This is the adjustable part of a binding that dictates how much pressure is required before the boot will be released, and it’s critical for safety and performance. 

Since kids weigh a lot less than adults, they need much lower DIN settings to allow their boots to eject when they fall. An ideal DIN range for kids is about 2-7 because this will keep them safe while also allowing them to learn how to ski effectively. 

Skier Weight

Kids come in all shapes and sizes, and this isn’t always directly correlated to their age. Dialing in binding settings is directly related to skier weight, and all ski bindings for kids are built with this in mind. 

As kids grow, the bindings will need to be adjusted accordingly, and this will be much more frequent than with adults. It’s important to keep this in mind to make sure kids get the best performance out of their bindings.


You always want to look for binding options made with strong materials that provide reliable performance while you ski. This is important for kids, and it’s also critical in any high-quality binding for any type of skier. 

Every binding you see on this list comes with excellent materials that lead to durable performance. Kids can use these options every day of the season without worrying about if they will break or fail. 

Useful Tips & Resources

I’m a big believer that kids are never too young to get on skis. My parents got me started basically right after I learned how to walk, and it’s given me a lifelong passion that I’m grateful for every time I get on the mountain. 

Skiing with your child is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, but it can also be pretty challenging if you have never taught anyone before. Take a look at these good tips for teaching kids how to ski.  

While kids need good equipment on their feet to learn how to ski correctly, they also need quality cold-weather gear to keep them comfortable and warm. The video below provides some good tips for how to dress your kids while skiing. 

Final Verdict

The Look NX Jr. 7 is my pick for the best ski bindings for kids. This is a high-quality option that will provide reliable performance and safety for kids of many ages and abilities. They have a durable construction that won’t fail as well.

Providing your kids with every opportunity to get on the snow will help them become proficient skiers. They also need excellent equipment on their side, and the bindings listed here are an essential part of that.

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