4 Best Heated Socks for Skiing

Heated ski socks are some of the best modern accessories any skier with cold feet can buy. Cozy and warm, these socks are a comfortable way to keep your feet nice and toasty during any run. However, picking one can be difficult with so many to choose from.

I’ve been skiing for decades, and I’ve seen every type of weather and condition you can imagine. I’ve used many accessories to help keep me warm, and I know how to find the best heated ski socks that you’ll see here.

The Snow Deer Heated Socks are my pick for the best option this season. These are a fantastic pair of battery powered heated socks that will give you lasting warmth when the weather really turns nasty.

There are a handful of other good options for heated ski socks available, and I’ll show you all of the top choices in this post. My goal is to get you set up with something that will keep your feet warm so you can ski as long as you want to. 

Let’s dive into it. 

Who Should Get This

Ski socks tend to do their job well. As such, heated ski socks are good for the skier who specifically needs an extra layer of protection from the cold. If you ski in icy conditions or struggle with having cold feet, these socks will help you out. 

That being said, anyone who goes out in the cold can appreciate a bit of extra warmth, and a pair of heated socks can come in handy. Night skiers, who are often out when the temperature lowers, will also love all of the items in this guide.

If you struggle with cold feet and can’t find a pair of regular socks that keep you warm, then heated ski socks can definitely be worth it. Not every skier will be able to justify their cost, and it just comes down to personal preference.

Yes, heated ski socks are safe. They are all battery-powered, so there is no need to worry about electrocution or shock or anything like that. I have never heard of even a single instance of these socks being unsafe.

Battery life will vary from brand to brand. But typically, you can get anywhere from three to six hours of heating time off a single charge. The battery won’t last as long on the highest setting if you have an adjustable heat setting.

Yes, most electric socks can be washed. They usually come with removable battery packs that let you slip them out when it’s time for a wash. Be sure to read the details of whatever model you choose to find out for sure.

Best Heated Socks for Skiing: Top Picks

Here are all of my top picks for the best heated socks for skiing. Every model here will deliver added warmth that can really pay off. 

1. Snow Deer Heated Socks

  • Best for: Overall 
  • Key features: Slim design, rechargeable batteries, good heat, durable, multiple sizes available
  • Materials: Polyester, Elasthen, Nylon 
  • Thickness: Thin
  • Cost: $$$

The Snow Deer Heated socks are my top pick for the best heated ski socks of the year. This quality pair will provide you with excellent warming capabilities in your boots. 

They feature an excellent design that includes battery pockets right above the knees, making them comfortable to wear all day long. 

They also have reliable lithium-ion batteries that will give you long-lasting heat. Adjustable temperature settings are another nice touch. 

I wish these had some wool built into their design for when the battery dies, but they are excellent other than that. 

==> You can also get it on Walmart.

2. Lens Heated Socks 5.0 

  • Best for: Extreme Cold 
  • Key features: Very warm, smartphone controls, long-lasting battery, wide heating area
  • Materials: Polyester, nylon, polypropylene, Merino wool, spandex 
  • Thickness: Thin 
  • Cost: $$$$$ 

If you plan on skiing in extremely cold conditions or just want a very warm heated sock option at your disposal, check out the Lens Heated Socks 5.0. 

These come with an impressive battery-powered design that delivers substantial amounts of heat over the entire area of your foot. And you get the benefit of a little extra juice in the toe cap for cold toes. 

They also have good battery life on a full charge that will easily last for an entire day on the slopes. 

The big downside for these is that they are very, very expensive. 

==> You can get it on Cozy Winters or Buckman.

3. AutoCastle Electric Heated Socks

  • Best for: Budget Option 
  • Key features: Affordable, long battery life, durable, good ventilation, three heat settings
  • Materials: Spandex, cotton
  • Thickness: Thin 
  • Cost: $$

The AutoCastle Electric Heated Socks are a solid choice for any skier who’s on a budget but still wants extra heat on their feet. 

These are affordable and come with long battery life to give you reliable warming abilities all day long. 

They are also very breathable, which is nice to have just in case your feet get too warm and start to sweat. 

I don’t like that these include cotton in their construction, but the lower price is nice. 

==> You can also get it on Walmart.

4. Mobile Warming Heated Electric Socks

  • Best for: Features 
  • Key features: Remote control, three heat settings, antibacterial, lightweight 
  • Materials: Tri-blend 
  • Thickness: Thin 
  • Cost: $$ 

The Mobile Warming Heated Electric Socks are packed with features that come in useful, alongside their effective battery-powered heating capabilities.

These socks include a remote control, so you can quickly adjust the temperature settings to match your skiing conditions. It’s small enough to fit inside your pocket or throw in a backpack. 

Three different heat settings allow you to customize your heat levels, meaning you can adapt to the snow conditions or temperatures. 

Thanks to a tri-blend construction, the socks are also super comfortable, giving a secure fit without adding much bulk. 

This is another option that uses cotton, which I don’t always recommend. But in this case, the features and effective heating make up for that downside.  

==> You can also get it on Acme Tools

How to Choose Heated Ski Socks

This section will highlight some important things to consider when choosing heated ski socks. 

Battery Life

Heated socks all have different battery lives. Pay attention to such ranges when making your purchase. Some batteries hold their charge for hours and hours, some only last a short while, and some are much shorter. 

In addition, socks with different heating levels drain batteries at different speeds on different settings.

You want a sock that will last for as long as you’re out on the slopes. If you only need a few hours of heat, don’t shell out for a huge charge. However, if you need something with a lot of power, go that route.

Heat Area

All heated socks warm your feet, but each model targets different areas. Some socks focus on warming the toes and forefoot, some target the ankle, and some warm every region. General warming is preferred, but targeted heating gets the job done a lot of the time. 

If you’re especially cold on the slopes, try to find the widest heating range possible. However, toe or forefoot heating is fine for people who ski in milder weather. It’s good to know what part of your socks actually heats up before purchasing them. 


When it comes to heated ski socks, material matters. You want something soft, but you also need a material that can last through the ice, sleet, and snow. A sock that falls apart quickly won’t work for a long time. 

Flexibility and elasticity are important as well. Cotton/Spandex hybrids work perfectly towards that end, providing you with a tough material that will stay on during your runs. They feel great to walk around in as well.

Useful Tips & Resources

Heated ski socks are an incredible accessory for skiers everywhere. However, they are not the only handy tool on the market. If you want to further your skiing experience, these accessories in the video below can help.

In addition, if you’re looking for other ways to keep your feet warm beyond the socks, this guide has some great ideas.

Final Verdict

The Snow Deer Heated Socks are my pick for the best heated ski socks of the season. These are a solid pair all-around and deliver a long-lasting battery life to keep your feet warm and cozy no matter how cold it is on the mountain. 

If you are searching for heated ski socks, you won’t find better options than the models found on this list. You’ll get hours of battery-powered heating with all of them, and that can help you stay on the slopes without getting cold feet.

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  • Karen

    Thanks for the great reviews!
    Other than the environmental impacts of cotton, why don’t you like cotton in the construction?

    • Christine

      Hi Karen,

      Cotton is not a good choice for any type of winter clothing. This includes socks or anything else. Cotton doesn’t really have any insulating properties, and when the material gets wet, it loses all insulating/warmth capabilities. There is always a chance your feet get wet from either sweat or snow when you ski, so wearing cotton socks is a recipe for disaster when it comes to keeping your feet warm. Hope that helps!

  • Leslie

    Hi there! Wondering did you test the Weston brand heated socks?

    • Christine

      Hi Leslie,

      I haven’t tried or tested the Weston heated sock yet. Let me know if you end up using it and what you think, and I will keep you posted if I get the chance to try the socks out.

  • Celine

    Hello, I am a downhill skier and my feet get cold quickly. My boots are tight fitted and I am wondering what brand of heated socks have socks that are not thick. I can wear a normal icebreaker sock in my boots but nothing thick.

    • Christine

      Hi Celine,

      The Lens and Mobile options listed here are pretty thin, but it’s difficult to say which option is best for you without trying them on. If you really want to find that perfect fit, I’d bring your boots into a local ski shop and try on some of the heated socks they offer. Having cold toes is never fun, but if you want a performance fit with your boots, you want to keep those socks thin. Hope that helps!

  • Michael Ravenscroft

    I have been doing a bit of research on heated ski socks for my wife. The one thing that is not clear is the positioning of the battery pack in relation to the top of the ski boot. That is… Will the battery sit above the top of the boot where the top of the sock is or will it have to be inside the boot (which will result in rubbing and other irritation?

    Any comments would be much appreciated!
    Thank you

    • Christine

      Hi Michael,

      Nearly all heated sock models I’ve seen make it easy to ensure the battery pack is above the boot. You never want to have that battery inside the boot because it will be very uncomfortable and affect how the boots perform. Some battery packs can be built-in and sit on the top section of the sock above the boot, and others have a clip-on design. The boots mentioned here should all be good to go with that in mind. Hope that helps!