3 Famous Austrian Ski Brands

Skiing is popular worldwide, and many brands provide skiers with everything they need to take advantage of the sport. Austria is a popular skiing location in Europe, with several fantastic brands originating here.  

My name is Christine, and I’m a lifelong skier with an endless passion for the sport. I love to get out in the snow as often as possible during the winter. I’ve used many different ski brands and have first-hand experience with several Austrian brands. 

This post will highlight a few Austrian ski brands. I’ll give you a bit of background on each brand and also show you what products the company offers for skiers. This is good information to have if you want to support an Austrian brand or just learn something new. 

Let’s get after it. 

1. Kneissl Ski

Kniessl is one of the oldest Austrian ski brands, even though many skiers still don’t know much about the company. It’s been a leading European ski brand since the mid-1800s, which is some serious history. 

In the early days of its existence, Kneissl quickly became known for leading the way with innovative ski designs and a strong focus on technology and performance. Its skis were handmade and performed well for many skiers. 

This commitment to innovation still rings true with the brand today, and if you use Kneissl skis, you will recognize this quickly. Its products still have a unique feel to them without compromising any performance along the way. 

Kniessl has a bit of a cult following, which means it’s very popular with skiers who already know about the brand but not as popular with those who don’t. So if you are looking for a change from other big ski brands, it’s worth checking out. 

Today, the brand is well-known and respected in ski racing circles for making excellent race-style skis. The White Star GS is a top model used by many professional racers to great effect. It’s a powerful ski that can reach top speeds while staying stable. 

The brand also offers some good touring models that give you excellent performance in the backcountry without weighing you down. The Tour Star 85 is a solid choice for a touring option from the current lineup. 

2. Atomic Skis

Atomic is another great Austrian ski brand you should check out. Chances are, you’ve already heard of this one; you just might not have known it was an Austrian company. Atomic has been a big name in the industry for years and continues to deliver stand-out products. 

Atomic was founded in Austria in 1955, so it has a long history of making quality skis and ski equipment for decades. The brand has all sorts of skis and other products, and this diversity has long been a goal. 

The company claims to be the largest ski manufacturer in the world today, and its main Austrian production facility employs over 1,000 people. The facility cranks out a ton of skis every season, helping to keep it very successful. 

Atomic makes all types of skis, from racing style to freestyle, and it’s a popular brand with young and old skiers alike. Every ski model I’ve used from the brand has been excellent from a technical perspective, and I would definitely recommend using them. 

The Bent Chetler is one of my favorite powder skis of all time, and this has been in the Atomic lineup for years now. If you want endless float and the ability to carve smooth turns in the deep stuff, check these out. 

Atomic also makes a lot of apparel, ski bindings, and Nordic skiing equipment. It’s a top ski brand in many ways and continues to be a major player. This is one of the most famous Austrian ski brands for a reason.

3. Head

Another solid Austrian ski brand is Head. It has been around since the 1950s and was one of the first ski brands in the world to design a metal ski. So in that sense, it’s a pioneering company that shaped the future of the sport. 

Howard Head started the brand in Austria in 1950 and saw quick success thanks to his innovative designs and attention to detail. The skis became really popular and quickly spread around the world. 

The company’s success continued to grow and expand in the skiing world and other areas. Head skis remain a favorite choice for many European skiers today and are also used frequently in North America. 

The Head Kore skis (93, 105) are probably the brand’s most popular models today. These skis are a lot of fun and feature excellent construction that leads to reliable performance. But there are other models to explore as well. 

The Kore lineup is known for being lightweight yet still powerful, so it can make for a good backcountry option if you don’t want a full-on touring setup. But they can work just as well at the resort too. 

Head also makes a lot of outerwear and apparel, so you can choose many items from the brand to keep you geared up and ready for the winter season. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to rep an Austrian ski brand, the options on this list will give you the best the country has to offer. These brands have been around for a long time and continue to live up to their strong reputation for quality and technical performance in the snow. 

Have you ever used one of the brands listed here? Let me know in the comments below. 

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