Arcteryx Gloves Review

Having a high-quality pair of gloves is an essential ingredient to a successful day on the slopes. They should keep you warm and allow you enough dexterity to keep your hands and fingers comfortable and in control.

There are many choices when it comes to ski gloves, but this guide is going to look specifically at options from Arcteryx.

Arcteryx has created a variety of different gloves to consider, including:

The glove I have chosen as the focal point of this detailed review is the Arcteryx Fission SV Glove. Keep reading to learn a little more about these and find out if the gloves are for you.

Quick Summary

The glove is made of soft brushed lining, features a water-resistant outer layer and Gore-Tex. It has two types of PrimaLoft insulation (200g Silver insulation and 133g Gold insulation), and premium goat leather reinforcements throughout the glove.

While this depends on the size, the gloves fit fairly snug. The fingers are fully insulated, but still provide a lot of dexterity. They are well-tailored, and this snug fit ensures you maintain full control of your fingers and hands.

Why Trust Me

Growing up and spending my life in a place that’s full of snow, I know a thing or two about the importance of a good pair of gloves. Whether I am skiing, going for a walk, or shoveling snow, a warm and comfortable glove is key to staying comfortable. I have researched the reviews and opinions of dozens of people who have worn and used these gloves.

Detailed Review of Arcteryx Gloves

Keeping You Warm

The most important aspect of a ski glove is the warmth. If you are skiing for multiple hours, the last thing you want is a pair of gloves that can’t keep up. The good news is, these gloves don’t have that problem at all. They feature excellent insulation throughout and a long gauntlet to keep snow off of your arms as well.

Despite this warmth, the gloves also remain relatively lightweight and easy to pack. The fabric used is also quite breathable. While they will perform well in the cold, these gloves can be a little too warm if the temperature gets too mild.

Water and Windproof

You need to ensure that your gloves can stand up to the elements and keep you dry. The Fission SV gloves feature a waterproof Gore-Tex insert that will ensure no water will penetrate the glove. All seams are watertight, and the overall design is great for keeping the wind and snow out, as well.

Also, the glove’s inner lining is soft to the touch and does a good job at wicking away moisture to keep you as warm as possible. Everything from the fingers to the palm are protected from the elements.

Durability and Build Quality

If you buy a pair of gloves, you want them to last for more than one season. If treated right, these gloves could last you years and years. They are built well, using high-quality materials, and everything from the tight seams to the goat leather palm are built with longevity in mind.

No matter where your adventure takes you, these gloves are up to the task. The entire glove is durable thanks to reinforcement patches of leather throughout, including on the palm, fingers, and knuckles. There are also fewer seams on the gloves than many others, which means fewer weak points that could potentially cause problems later on.


When buying ski gear, looking at the value and price is always a good idea. While these gloves are high-quality, that comes with a price. They are one of the more expensive gloves on the market, and this on its own can be enough to turn some people away. There are certainly pricier options, but for non-heated gloves, the price is steep.

If you have the budget for it and ski a lot, these can be worth it based on their quality, durability, and versatility. But if you only go every now and then or are working with a limited budget, there are generally more affordable options that may suit your needs.

What I Like

Of course, one of the best things about this glove is the warmth. Not only does the insulation protect your hands and keep them toasty, but the fabric liner also wicks moisture away that somehow finds a way into your gloves. These gloves can continue to keep you from getting too chilly, even into negative temperatures.

Another great thing about the Fission SV is how they deal with the weather. Inclement weather is a part of many ski days, and these gloves ensure you stay dry and comfortable all day. They feature multiple layers of water-resistance, block the wind, and the gauntlet is large enough to keep snow from sneaking in your gloves.

Their durability is another positive. With the various goat leather reinforcements, they can protect your hands from impact while also maintaining their quality for years if treated right. Tight seams also help ensure the gloves stay durable even after a lot of wear and tear.

Other features worth mentioning is their breathability and how light they are. You would expect a glove like this to struggle in these departments, but that is not the case. They don’t feel overly thick, heavy, or bulky and give your hands a chance to breathe with ease.

What I Dislike

While the glove is warm, it can also be a little too warm. Sure, they are breathable, but if you try to wear these in moderate temperatures, you might find them to be a little too thick. If you are skiing somewhere where you expect the temperature to rise significantly during the day, it’s best to pack a lighter pair of gloves just in case.

Another thing that I dislike about these gloves is the price. While some can afford it, they are very expensive, especially for those who only ski every once in a while. There are gloves out there for a fraction of the price that can keep you warm and dry, albeit without many other features and materials used in the Fission SV.

One more thing that is potentially concerning is the sizing of these gloves. Finding the right size can be difficult, and you may struggle to get it right without trying them on first. They have a sizing chart on their site, but issues have been reported nonetheless. If you are struggling, it is generally better to go a size down than a size up as these can run a little large.

The Alternatives

While these gloves are a solid all-around choice for those who have the budget for them, they are far from the only option. Here are a few others to consider.

  • Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Insulated Glove – These are a solid overall choice at an affordable price. They are made of 100% polyester, feature a durable shell that wicks away moisture to keep your hands dry and warm. The palm is reinforced, and they feature a waterproof insert.
  • RIVMOUNT Winter Gloves – These are a great choice if you live somewhere with a mild temperature. They still offer decent warmth and protection but are much lighter than other options out there. These gloves are windproof, touchscreen-compatible, and versatile enough for a variety of different activities.
  • Velazzio Battery Heated Gloves – If you want to take heating to the next level, these battery-powered gloves are worth looking into. They offer three different heating levels and provide numerous hours of warmth in the cold. They are also quite comfortable and breathable, but overall build quality lags behind some other options.

Final Verdict

The Arcteryx Fission SV Glove offers you a lot of warmth and a lot of dexterity and breathability in a lightweight design. While it is quite expensive and might be too hot for those in mild areas, if you need a durable, waterproof and warm glove for the cold and snowy winter months in your area, it is a good choice.

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