Best Men’s Ski Gloves


Skiing is a fun activity. However, cold hands or icy fingers can quickly take away from that fun. Good gloves with proper insulation keep the cold out and allow you to zip around to your heart’s content.

Every glove in this guide doesn’t just keep your fingers cold-free, they also have a slew of additional features that work to make your time on skis that much more enjoyable.

Quick Summary

  • These touchscreen gloves from Cevapro are incredibly useful for a wide range of purposes. They are great while out on the slopes but are also fantastic when it comes to daily activities like driving or using your Smartphone. On top of that, they have a double layer of thick fleece for extra warmth, and the moisture-wicking material is quite breathable. Silicone anti-slip particles in the palms allow for a stable grip.
  • Every glove protects against the cold, but few do it as well as the Snow Deer heated gloves. This pair is water-resistant, wind-resistant, and effectively keeps out all types of moisture.The internal battery source works like a charm, keeping all parts of the glove toasty in even the coldest of conditions. The sheep leather is complemented by breathable internal lining and the zipper pocket is perfect when you don’t have anywhere to stick your small items.
  • Skiers looking for strong waterproof gloves should try this model from MCTi. The durable construction is not just warm, it is completely weather resistant. In addition, the Nubuck palm has reinforced rubber fingers to give you a better grip, and the zipper pocket is perfect for storing valuables. The easy pull-on design is then complemented by an adjustable wrist buckle and 3M Thinsulate fill complete with soft cotton.

Who Should Consider This?

All male skiers can appreciate sturdy gloves. They are particularly great for people who get cold quite quickly, or who often find themselves with cold hands no matter how much they bundle up.

Skiers who spend a long time out on the mountain, enjoy hazardous conditions, or who ski in really deep powder, can use premium gloves as well. The more your hands are hit with snow, the more you need to keep them protected.

Best Men’s Ski Gloves: What to Consider?


Always ensure your gloves fit. Though most high-end models have wrist straps to keep out moisture, loose-fitting clothing can still let in ice or snow. Once your hands get wet, there is no keeping them warm until you get off the mountain. For that reason, your gloves need to be as snug as possible. On top of that, find gloves that have a comfortable lining or soft interior as well. That ensures the fit feels great, no matter how tight it gets.


Your gloves need to fit, and they also need to keep you warm. Pick models that take special steps, such as unique linings or special materials, to protect your fingers from the cold. Your gloves shouldn’t just keep you warm for a little while on a clear day, they should be able to push out ice and snow in a raging storm. Hopefully, you will never have to test such conditions, but having those capabilities is of the utmost importance.


Something many skiers overlook when picking gloves is the grip. Many models guard your hand against the elements but make it hard to hold onto your poles. That is a big problem. Luckily, there are more than a few premium options that get around that issue. Search for brands that make tacky gloves that stick to your equipment.

Best Men’s Ski Gloves: Our Picks

1. Cevapro Winter Warm Gloves

Cevapro’s touchscreen gloves are some of the best ski gloves on the market. Not only do they have a snug, elasticated wrists to keep out the cold, they also come with a double layer of thick fleece that keeps out ice and snow. They are windproof and have a high-quality TPU coating as well.

What We Like:

  • Grippy, slip-proof design
  • Double layer of thick, moisture-wicking fleece
  • Versatile
  • Touchscreen enabled
  • Waterproof and wind-resistant

What We Don’t Like:

  • Bland appearance
  • Can fit a bit snug

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2. Snow Deer Heated Ski Gloves

The heated gloves from Snow Deer utilize a fantastic internal battery to keep you warm while out on the slopes. They can be tightened at the wrists, have a handy pocket, and are comfortable both inside and out. With three different heat settings, it is hard to go wrong with this model.

What We Like:

  • Internal heating system with three heat settings
  • Illuminated white strip perfect for night skiing
  • Wind and water-resistant
  • Zipper pocket
  • Comfortable, snug fit

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can be bulky
  • Mitten style not as attractive as traditional gloves

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3. MCTi Waterproof Gloves

The MCTi Waterproof Gloves are both fully insulated and extremely breathable. These sturdy items stand up to all elements with ease. The cotton keeps your hands warm, while the Nubuck palm, reinforced rubber fingers, and wrist buckle closure allow you to ski for as long as you want without succumbing to the cold.

What We Like:

  • Fully insulated
  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Durable, able to withstand the elements
  • Wrist buckle closure
  • Zipper pocket
  • Snug fit

What We Don’t Like:

  • Only available in black
  • Can retain moisture

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Useful Tips and Resources

Once you pick out your ski gloves, you next need to keep them clean during your long days on the mountain. For that, it is best to follow the tips outlined in this article.

Gloves keep your hands warm, but what about the rest of your body? This video covers that topic and explains the best way to stay warm in freezing temperatures.

Final Words

Few things beat a good pair of ski gloves. While skiing for hours and hours is a great way to spend a winter day, the colder you get, the more that enjoyment diminishes. You need to keep every part of your body protected from the cold, and that includes your hands.

Every premium glove in this article comes with a slew of attributes that enhance your skiing experience. So much so that, you can’t go wrong regardless of which one you pick. It all comes down to personal preference.

Do you have a favorite pair of gloves?

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